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Is Jess at El Centro, California. Hi, Jessica glad you waited. President Limbaugh an honor, sir. Thank you very much. Heavier with us. Yes. Thank you. Is being built I crossed into Mexico a few times a week and they've replaced the border fence along the collectible port of entry the west port of entry from from pieces of scrap metal a very nice deals flat. Fence that you can see through and that's important because prior to those fields the see through steel bar agents would be they get rocks thrown at them projectiles. They couldn't see now with the new fence they can see through it and attempts murder agents, and obviously come down. But let me tell you. He's keeping his promise. Finish the walk. The fence looks great. And he he's doing it. Look, this is important the media, if if they if they get away with the media is trying to present this as all wall construction has been brought to a screeching halt. There isn't any the Democrats succeeded. The Democrats have stop Trump, and they haven't the wall is being built. It's being modified being upgraded renovated in places. What are you doing crossing into Mexico three times a week? What do you do? Well, sir. I I I live in in California. However, I'm just about fifteen miles from the border. So I go down at my girlfriend, my senior she lives down there. So I go down there spend time with her matter of fact, we had dance class tonight. So I have a I have a fast paced. Your senorita lives down that way. Yes there. Indeed. And it's I mean, it's great. It's a great, nightlife. I crossing so many valley, which is the capital of California city of a million people. So it's a great Night Live everything super cheap. You get you. Get more bang for your buck. I we have a good time. All she lives down there on her family lives down there. So I spend time down there. Needless to say, it's been a lot of time down there. Well, just don't try to become a Mexican citizen. Don't apply for citizenship because they won't they won't. I mean, if you try to immigrate to Mexico, you you're gonna rot in jail. They don't want any part of that that as long as it's going down there for dance class and the few adult beverages here mayor with the signature keep doing it. And you keep reporting to us on the on.

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