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This is komo news governor bladon flooding for local river is also a cars smashes into a house a woman's lucky to be alive all have that after a b c 4 o'clock from abc news i'm chuck seeber to people were shopping in criminals route shop in as well for the shop you yourself black friday violence one person was stabbed another shot outside the will of brooke mall in houston texas he police sergeant richard rodriguez who's one of those now investigating they were able to climb one witness said that she saw to hispanic nails our conversation confrontation jouret a gunshot at that portugal at a kid behind a tree chester protectors yourself police are investigating a possible murder of a fifty three year old grandmother allegedly by your 15yearold grandson who police say is believed to have his grandmother's car in pennsylvania logan mock one for car theft considered a person of interest in his grandma i'm christina french's death police say human remains that appear to be that of the grandmother were found a day in the backyard of the house with a grandson lives with his dad london police are releasing images of two question they believe they got into a fight on a subway platform at the oxford circus station which darkness a massive accusation panic reports of gunfire chaos some injuries abc's in panel at the scene i mean it was just sheer terror up uh there's no other word for it people absolutely petrified because you suddenly had same image and i was there with my families that we felt the same thing you subtly thought is there a government out there that someone driving down the street time to run lopa um you know just real panic real fair not knowing what's going on the deadliest ever attacked by islamic extremists in egypt at a crowded mosque in the sinai peninsula during prayers leaves more than two hundred people dead police say the attackers got away the rashwan head of the egyptian government information service calls on the muslim brotherhood to denounce the attack and wisdom is not a part of what type of the booty by what happened nels you not many or assume isis affiliated group is to blame so far no claim of responsibility you're listening to abc news have you ever thought about saying goodbye to your job just walking into your boston saying i quit and how would you.

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