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That you Colorado Claes dot com. This is a Bloomberg market minute. Stocks were lower at the end of a volatile mid week session. The Dow Jones industrials fell ninety two points. A third of a percent to twenty five thousand seven hundred six the NASDAQ three point decline and one point loss for the S and P five hundred barely move the meter percentage. Wise predictions about a recession can be unsettling for investors and Stephen Stanley of Amherst Pierpont securities tells Bloomberg there have been a lot of them recently. It seems like people in the markets are in a great big hurry to talk about the next recession. Twenty twenty seems a little premature to me, but you never say never Stanley says monetary policy is still easy for now minutes from the Fed's September meeting revealed there was a debate among policymakers over whether to temporarily hike interest rates to restrictive levels home loan demand declined last week mortgage bankers report application volume fell as fewer people sought purchase loans and fewer homeowners look to refinance. Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg radio. Thanks, twenty sixteen was very big surprise gummy. The vote coming November six the midterm elections is certain to be this is the defining moment. The most important congressional elections midterm to chief to store progress fighting everything is at stake. Down. Six time for information right now. Dow information back on Colorado's election station, KOA NewsRadio. This is the home of the Broncos rocky. And this is drive time sports that Cory Lopez on KOA NewsRadio. Here we go into Wednesday.

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