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The squad democrats democrat had that these people and they're getting their agenda through even when we were in power mike gallagher really gets a kick out of his her side rather have a bunch of lee's these small government nationalist running are russia more like upgrade weak link that's well alicia candid and now back to mind in the relief factor dot com studio yet after we need is some uh some candid conversation this is not exactly what i call candid i am happy to continue my discussion with the majority leader about reopening the government we've had several conversations talks will continue but we have yet to reach an agreement on a path forward that would be acceptable for both sides right accept everything that is in the build you like you just want to vote against the bill because you want to stick it to donald trump solids about let's all about there they were an extra she over the weekend with the women's march member meet head on now all the family rob reiner he's still at it i saw somebody tweeted he's still think she's playing his character but he's not he's a he's a legitimately liberal guy he went on laura ingraham's tv show the other night sparred about rob reiner's assertion the president trump is a racist and laura's assertion that he is not i give rob reiner credit though he goes into environments that most liberals don't go we interviewed him a few years ago remember and it was cordial he doesn't mind engage in the other side which you know i given points for that uh i'm not sure i give a points for this we have a first in now we since married house we have a ten logically lawyer and he is throwing away at the fabric of our democracy you know i was thinking about shilton after watching thousands of these women march up six th avenue in new york city saturday and they shut down all of that whole area for for many many blocks i wondered something i i don't i guess there wouldn't be marches over president ted cruz i suppose there wouldn't be rob reiner speeches over president jeb bush i guess there wouldn't be you know all these people screaming into the skies if we had president marco rubio but you'd think that they'd be giving any republican a pass.

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