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Islanders win their fourth game in a row mathew barzal once again. Who's having a playoff run. I say series. At this point this guy is just. He's just he is beyond beyond seizing. The moment i went to a kids party today. So the fucking game. But i just watched some of the highlights and i guess right out in the beginning Tampa bay tried to get a little cutesy in the islanders and they intercepted the pass. Brazelle was off to the races and he just went five hole right in the beginning. Right in the beginning of the game and bart nick was telling me the host the puck off was telling me you know after you have like the top guys in the league. The next top ten guys are all on the islanders so they are and they have the coach too. So i mean i know it's just one game i know tampa but there was a live. Sharpen during that. Bruins islanders series after tampa won their series. I don't worry about it bill. You get past the island but we're going to fucking curb stomp you guys and all of this. They were talking a bunch of fucking shit. You know all those. Those was parrot heads down their way. Stay away again. Boggling read the tampa people chrome balls hanging after backer metric vaping on track anyways. They were talking all kinds of shit. The islanders gave him the old fuck in Then give them right there fred yet. They're going to win the series but they gave him a nice. How you doing little fucking straight right to the fuck and chops game one just like that take home is and i gotta. I'm past the fact that they beat us. I'm actually really excited about the possibly winning a cup because they were the guys that not off the fucking canadians essentially ended the century of dominance of the montreal or the better part of a century. I mean it's fucking unbelievable. What the canadians did and While the canadians and the maple leafs up until nineteen sixty seven. The maple leafs just stopped winning cups inexplicably The canadians went on to win in sixty eight sixty nine. Seventy one. Seventy three seventy six. Seventy seven seventy eight seventy nine and then. The islanders came in one thousand nine hundred eighty. And that was the end of the montreal. Canadians never again dominated the way they did. They did win eighty six and they did win in ninety three But it just wasn't like when they they they used to win decades or split a decade with the fucking you know maple leafs or the red wings Red wings in the fifties. I think one two three. I can't remember but So i always liked the islanders. And i always love mike bossey. I just thought. I fucking love guys like that. There was so many guys like those forty fifty goals scores that just dead back when there was way more open. Ice guys weren't as big. Like i watched a highlight the other day about Just a couple of tragic. Nhl guys you know one guy you know who came up with key floor was just as good as him and he just. He had that stupid addiction. Disease manages fucked his whole career up And i remember seeing highlights that guy in how fuck when he was playing on the nordiques. How fucking big the ice looked. It looked like they were playing on two ice rinks like the size of the players. Now and how fast they are and the fact that they you know the red line is just you know it's there for just show at this point. He couldn't have a two line pass. There was no stretch passes or anything like that. It was just a slower game but there was a lot more odd man rushes to ones three on tuesday and stuff breakaways and There was a beauty to the game back. Then that i think with the the speed of it now is just took a little bit of that away. And there's a fucking reason now where there is. There's a reason why it's so hard to score. Fifty goals goaltenders back when i first started watching. We're stand up goalies until patrick walk. Came in with the butterfly for consorted stood up and just did a little kick or something like that and it just seemed like there was a lot smaller in the net was still the same size pads were smaller and all that type of shit so there was like a lot of amazing stuff going on but anyway but i there was guys like mike bossey every team seem to have like a guy they could get you like thirty and then if you had a great guy like get your fifty. We had Rick middleton was our guy. When i first started watching he just see was always good for thirty forty i. I wonder if he ever scored fifty. I don't remember but they just like the stick handling and they would fake defenseman out of their skates. You just you don't see a lot of that anymore just because these kids are so big in there so fast and i think the defense are so sophisticated now that it's a lot harder to do like i don't know just some of that basic. You know pond hockey fucking stickhandling. Now i don't know fucking get behind the net. And they picked the puck with their stick and they slamming it is. It's all unbelievable but a partial to that style. Because that's what i grew up with so anyway. The islanders went on at one. Eighty eighty one eighty two and eighty three. And i still remember. Having the sports illustrated with mike bossey on the front. I believe is mike bossy. And it's had the islanders. They will moving their way to another stanley cup. Final and it said the strive for try to win five in a row and an upstart team by the name of the edmonton oilers ended that and so it's cool to see them. You know.

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