New York Judge Strikes Down State's Mask Mandate


Schools told to keep masks after judge overturns mandate. Yeah, they just do whatever they want. They don't care what judges have to say. They don't care if presidents have to say, we're the ones that follow their stupid rules. They don't even follow the correct rules. New York State education officials told school administrators to continue enforcing the state's mask mandate for students and teachers Tuesday, despite a judge ruling overturning it, causing confusion is some districts rushed to make masks optional. The education department said the state has filed notice that it would appeal Monday's ruling by a judge. Quote, while these legal steps occur, it is the New York State's educational department's position that schools should continue to follow the mass rule, even though the judge has said it's unconstitutional it can't be enforced. They're still going to have mask mandates in schools. We've been experiencing this for quite some time, Republicans are so slow to the game and quite honestly behind the ball. They have not cared what judges say for a long time. They built sanctuary cities in New York and Boston in Portland and San Francisco and Chicago. In open defiance to federal immigration law, despite what judges were saying, they have always looked at the courts as a means to the end, but never, as an interruption to their actual aims or ambitions. Now the story is this is that a New York judge has officially struck down the mask mandate and the appeal hearing is possibly this afternoon. Now, in New York, they have this is NBC New York dot com. They say there's a massive COVID surge and it's too bad for the people of New York. My heart goes out for you. You just have a leadership class that doesn't believe in treatments. So just kind of leaving you out to die. I wish that wasn't the case. New York judge ruled Monday that the state mask mandate can not be enforced after it was reinstituted reinstituted by governor Kathy hochul over concerns about a winter surge of coronavirus cases. The attorney general's office immediately filed an intent to appeal, but acknowledged Tuesday morning that the mandate was for now not in place until a hearing could be held.

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