Senseless Crime in NYC Needs to be Addressed After Times Square Shove


When I listen to doctor gorka, he says a lot of the things that I feel, you know, and he says with such strength and conviction, you know, Jersey Joe. Jersey Joe. He calls me, you know? But I love that. But I'm kind of like under the radar and kind of quiet, but man, I tell you what I've been taking the gloves off recently because of what's happening in crime. We just had and forgive me and I look at Martin Luther King day. I want to have some fun. We have some great guests, but I hesitate to do this every morning, but there is news that is unfolding, and to understand it as a look at the news before me. There was a gal that was like pushed to her death in a subway station in New York, and then Eric Adams, who we wish all the best for, by the way, the new mayor. You know, he's going like, he's going like, oh, well, you know what, it's maybe it's not as dangerous as it seems. It's just a misnomer that the subways that danger just kind of got pushed to her death. You know, how about in Los Angeles? You see this? And as you listen in LA, you know? In the town in the state where Larry elder will one day be governor. Hello. Oh yeah, you check it out. But there was a girl that girl in the furniture store to stamp. What's going on with the crime? The crime rate. And there's nobody in charge. No one in Washington. Nobody watching it. And at the time, my political beliefs, they say your conservative, I'm not more of an independent than anything else. I've had it with both party. I don't trust the Republicans. I don't think the Republicans are being strong enough, you know? My hopes are high for this year. Hopefully in November, we'll see a change in the House of Representatives, but my hopes aren't I, because once the Republicans get in, they just really don't do much. So I'm hoping that will

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