The Heritage Foundation's Mark Morgan Reacts to Biden's Vaccine Policies


Cause. We're back with heritage senior distinguished fellow. You can join heritage with heritage, Mark Morgan, former commissioner for the Trump administration for CBP. He served in the military. He's served in the FBI. He has, well, he is, 'cause marines never really retire. There is no such thing as an ex marine. So gonna get your response Mark. This is Oliver North another great marine who had something to say about people in the military being punished because I guess their body isn't their body anymore. Cut 11. Well, if you start discharging people that we need in the service, right now, the army is paying the maximum premium that they can to recruit people into the United States Army. This is not the time to be throwing people out of the army just because they would not take this vaccine. I don't see how that improves readiness whatsoever. And Congress had to stand up and say, you can't do it. We reported last week air force officer officially reprimanded on her record by her commander because despite being allergic to the vaccine, she she's not allowed to say I can't take it. So as a former marine as somebody who has served this nation for decades, your reaction to these policies from the Biden administration. Yeah, I tell you what. I'm right with former lieutenant Carl Oliver North. I think he's right on this. I think it does not enhance our readiness. I think it erodes the readiness. And I got to tell you, I know these individuals. Some of these have dedicated ten, 15 years of their life, all of us in faithful service to this country. They sacrifice a lot. Their families have sacrificed a lot. And this, at the end of the day, some of them have served in a war zone, have sacrificed so much and this is what they utilize to kick them out of the military. It's nonsensical. It's talk about unpatriotic.

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