Journalist Julie Kelly Spent the Past Year Watching the January 6 Narrative Unfold


Julie talk a little bit about your experience this last year, how you got into this story, very few people are covering it. It was considered to be radioactive or fringe at first. Now it's very interesting and increasingly mainstream. Just tell us a little bit about that. I'm super interested. As I was watching it, it just didn't make sense to me. I think it just smelled right away. And all of my red flags after following not just rush 8, but all the lockdown policies, how that always orchestrated and came together. So I did not share the outrage about what was happening insurrection and all of that. And so I think I was just skeptical from the get go. I also viewed it as a way to stop any claims or investigations into election fraud, which of course it's successfully did. As I was saying before, it was successful because then senators came back and a few senators who were planning to help object to these electoral results in the 6 contested states backed off. And of course, then Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were certified the next day about 3 o'clock in the morning. And so I think I just started following it from there. But I then I became aware of the people who were charged. And hearing what judges were saying in court, denying bail to people, one the first story I wrote about was Queen Griffin, the cowboys for Trump guy, who was charged with trespassing. He didn't even go inside the building. He was lawfully outside, charged with trespassing and a judge denied him bail based on the fact that he did not believe the Joe Biden was the legitimately elected president and therefore he would not follow any of the laws of the government. And so he was considered a flight risk and danger to the community.

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