Kash Patel: 'We're Seeing the Politicization of the National Security Apparatus of the U.S.'


Our government in a variety of different roles. You were a partner with Devin Nunes in uncovering and masking. And later, I want to ask you about our friend Durham and how that entire project is progressing in your opinion. But I just want to ask you kind of more broadly, can you talk about the threats that the United States security state, the whole security apparatus poses against either conservative Americans or Christian Americans or what would be considered disagreeable political opinions and tie that together with what you uncovered in the Russia investigation with Donald Trump and how they entrap Donald Trump and they use the fisa court surveillance. Talk a little bit about that. Yeah, that's a great question. Look, it's all interconnected as you were alluding to right there. Basically, the sum and substance is what we are seeing as the politicization of the national security apparatus in the United States. The one apparatus that is supposed to be a political. The one apparatus from Donald Trump came in and said to me, when I was running his counter terrorism programs or was his deputy director of national intelligence or later over at DoD, was this is what we're doing. We're going to end the forever wars. We're going to wipe out Al-Qaeda senior leadership. We're going to kill the emirs of ISIS. Take out Soleimani, return American hostages, seal our southern border, prohibit Chinese fentanyl and opioids from pouring in and killing our youth. These are things that are apolitical and that you would think all Americans would want especially Americans who have children would want for their youth. And when Donald Trump got elected, that narrative got blown up. And it started with the Russia gate narrative, which I was fortunate enough to be the chief investigator on for chairman Nunes who wrote the Nunes memo. We wrote a report. We basically showed the largest criminal enterprise perpetuated by the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign and intentionally faulty actors and Andrew mccabe and James Comey and clapper over in the FBI and IC to go to an intelligence court and say lying to an intelligence court just to surveil their opponent because they didn't like the guy. That trend,

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