A highlight from #12 CPG Villagers: The Villager Who Reported Me to the Credit Card Police


Jamie's been a member of greatness village for at least a year a year ish. Has bought all the courses? Is an upstanding villager, beeman, welcome to the show, great to have you on. Thanks. Glad to be here. So to start out, you know, you're a poker player, you're aspiring to be the best poker player that you can be. You invest into the courses and to coaching and learning and growth. All of those things. So tell me the story about how you got involved in playing cards. Well, from when I was young, I've been playing cards. How old are you? 41. Okay. So I grew up my grandma. We played romy. We also played a game called Bronco, which is with dice. All the time when we'd stay with her, my dad always played cards. Many times I fell asleep on their friends. My parents, friends, couch, until three, four in the morning. They would go over and play cards. That was their thing. Just always wanted to play never allowed to type of thing and then finally you get old enough you start playing. Yeah. Happy memories watching watching your family play cards. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, it reminds me of my grandma a lot. Like I said, every time we stayed with her, which was a lot, all my parents worked. We were always playing playing cards or playing bunco, which was shaking the dice. Where are you from? What part of the U.S.? Originally from southern Indiana, but when I was 13, we moved up to just north of Chicago. Nice. I know, you know, it reminds me of spending time with my grandparents when I was a kid. I would stay the night at their house, they would always have the same couple over. When I was there, they would play rummy for hours and hours and hours. Only recently, my get a little emotional, but recently, I spent some time with my grandparents, haven't really seen them in the last year, year and a half. Global pandemic and then being 80 and just lots of logistical things to navigate and spent the night with them, my wife was at training for her business. And just played rummy versus my grandma until 11, 45 at night, just no phone, no anything, just playing rummy. She even commented, like, you know, it feels good. Just sitting here and playing rummy together, huh? And you know, it did. It was just such a gratifying and fulfilling experience that brought me back way back into my childhood and so yeah, I can certainly empathize and it resonates with me just this joy of it's not even the playing cards. It's more the camaraderie. It's more the relationships and just being a part of something. Yeah, definitely. So you're introduced to playing cards at a young age. Did you go to school? Did you graduate college? Did your professional life look like before you kind of rolled back into the card world? No, I did not graduate college. Obviously, I went maybe a year or two. I think a year and a half of college. You went a year and a half or two years more than I did. Congratulate yourself on that. And well, I got into construction worked a lot of construction, my 20s, and then as I was when everything kind of hit the fan, it was not a lot going on. Buddy of mine opened this company selling and servicing fitness equipment and I just started working with him and it was easy and simple for me. So just been there the whole time. Nice. Yeah. And when did cards reenter the picture for you? Like when you start taking seriously. Yeah, cards never really went away. I was playing online since I found out you could. Here and there sporadically, not all the time or anything. When COVID hit and sitting at home, obviously just started playing more again. And was it? Self or why I cut their membership down. It's like 14 bucks a month. So did that and just started getting into the ins and outs of the training and stuff. What was it about solve for why? That resonated with you that stoked the fire to investing more energy into being a better poker player. I probably say just listening to Matt berkey and Christian Soto on different podcasts up to that. I drive around all day, so it's all I've been doing for the past three or four years. Listen to podcasts. Daily. And then, you know, the coupon effect or whatever. Exactly. Down from like 50 bucks or a hundred bucks a month to ten bucks a month. Let's give this a try. Yeah. What was your favorite content on there? Podcast wise? Just to solve for why, like, full of Matt hunt. When he went through the whole tournament, like from start to finish, they broke it up in sections and stuff. I really learned a lot. Yeah. Matt hunt, he's a good dude. Smart guy. Yeah, smart guy. Definitely. I like a lot. Do you know who he was until that and yeah I'd say I definitely took the most away from his little courses. Yeah. Of course. So how did you find me? I guess the podcast is probably the path that makes sense. Yeah, definitely. I think I found you. It was like the 6th or 7th one you'd put out and I came across it and listened to it and pretty much listened to it on cue as it came out from there now. So you've been there from the very beginning from number 6 or 7. That's quite a long time. Yeah. Sadly, I guess it's been a couple of years now. I can't remember. Everything just kind of blends together. I don't know how long I've been doing this show. Yeah, especially the past couple of years have really blended together. For me as well. Yeah, it's like it all just kind of blurs into itself. I think that's part of getting old. It's a low blow, and for you. Four or 5 years older than you? Yeah, but trust me, the four or 5 years they're gonna go buy really fast. Really, really fast. I never thought that I would be somebody that had any kind of job or career for like 20 years. 20 years seems like an eternity and I'm going on like year 18 in the poker world, which just seems like unbelievable. So what led you to discovering greatest village joining the community taking the step from the podcast into just the training part? Yeah. How'd you like boot camp and why did you choose pre float boot camp? I just thought it'd be a great place to start. To. Start building the strategy, your personal strategy.

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