Why Stephen Moore Felt Compelled to Write 'Govzilla'


Let's end on this. Give us a little tease. Everybody needs to get it, but tell us a little bit about why you wrote Zilla and what people will find in it. Because I am really concerned that our kids, I want this book in schools. You know, and you can read it. It can be Reddit two nights. I want our children to understand what is happening to our country, that every child born today. Any child today born less than 5 years old. By the time they reach 30, they're going to have a $300,000 share of the national debt. Is that the legacy we want to leave to our kids, is that the American Dream is that you leave every generation better off when we're doing right now is fiscal child abuse. It's outrageous, passing on these trillions and trillions of dollars of Bill. It's like we're powering at their expense. And so I want people to be aware of what's happening and we've got to turn it around. And I'm optimistic we will do that. But I guarantee you the schools aren't teaching anything that we've been talking about for the last 45 minutes. They don't teach any of this. They teach America is a terrible country. We're racist. We killed all the Indians. We're probably responsible on all the problems in Africa. We're colonias. And we are the greatest country in the world. We're not perfect people, but everyone wants to come here because we are a land of opportunity and we're a land of freedom.

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