What Is Redistricting?


I wanted to take just a few minutes to explain me districting. The basics, because I get most people to understand it's crazy. So every ten years, every state has to redistrict, which means their legislative lines and the congressional lines, the federal lines they have to redo. And so how it traditionally has worked all throughout history is that the legislature is responsible for doing this. So usually it's the House of Representatives for your state is tasked with basically redrawn the lines in the Senate approves them or vice versa. And then they basically have to get signed into law by the governor. Now, in about the last 20 years, the left has basically overtaken this entire process by implementing what is called independent redistricting commissions. This is the scary thing. So if your state has an independent redistricting commission, and there's I think it's about ten states that do it right now. It might be about a dozen. Arizona is one of them. California is obviously one of the whole West Coast does this. Virginia does it. This is where basically a independent quote unquote bored or body is established that is not the legislature, which was originally intended by the founders. And these people basically get to draw the lines. And so it actually involves less people in most states, like here in Arizona. So they take the census data allegedly. They mix it all up and take the census data and so where you have an independent redistricting commission that commission is appointed in Arizona it's 5 people. There's two Republicans to Democrats and one independent. So basically it comes down to the one independent one person, one singular individual, and the entire state of Arizona decides all the lines for the state of Arizona. One of the most important states, top three most important states in the

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