Rep. Steve Cohen Says CRT Isn't Taught in Virginia, Despite Terry McAuliffe's Admission


Steve Cohen is a guy that ate a bunch of bucket of greasy chicken in Congress calling a Republican a chicken for not showing up for a committee It's literally his biggest accomplishment As a congressman was eating a bucket of chicken for a photo op He went on TV on Washington journal on C-SPAN And he actually said this about critical race theory trying to imply that anyone that believed that critical race theory was being taught in America was insane Are the Wii party And we're trying to bring it about and bring about more fairness and equity And so many of the people that I hear on the show and I see in the communities that not sure about these things and tend to be Republicans if they analyze these programs these programs are best for them People the man that won the governor of Virginia I understand he's a nice fellow I had a friend that worked at the car law group with him and said he was a nice guy I'm sure he is But he campaigned to win and he campaigned and talked about keeping racial critical racial theory out of the schools in Virginia Was not in the schools in Virginia I want to keep dinosaurs out of the bathrooms of a little girls We don't have dinosaurs in the bathrooms but I could be by the way this is a democratic congressman Who's a leader of the Democratic Party Steve Cohen whose biggest accomplishment is eating greasy chicken out of a bucket in Congress trying to make comparisons about dinosaurs and girls bathrooms Saying that critical a serious and thought British schools even though we absolutely know that it is And Terry McConnell admitted it was It's the reason why there's a bill that dealt

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