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So back to lean filling in for Raphael Barlow as he makes his way back to the states for draft season. We are going to do another NCAA player. This one out of the SEC we just did a patch 12 player. We're kind of swapping around the conferences. We'll make our way back to the PAC 12. But we're going to start this portion with JD Davison. JD Davison was an intriguing high school prospect. He was top ten recruit last year. He's a one and done freshman average 8 and a half points per game. 4.3 assists 4.8 rebounds a game. One steal a game had three turnovers again, which is really high. That was on 46% shooting. Then you get to the three point shooting. It was 30% and then free throw percentage is lower than where you'd want it at 73% leaf. Kick us off with JD Davis, because I know you've recently started to dive into him. What are your thoughts? Let's start with the pros and then we'll make our way to the cons. Just how close it is. I watched him in person against Notre-Dame in the first round of the NCAA tournament. And you could see that his first step and his bounce when attacking the room was elite. Finishing wise, he left some to be desired, but that's fixable, I think. He's a good isolation player and he's a good perimeter defender. And I think those are all traits that you want in a guard, especially someone that won't necessarily be given the reins to your offense, like immediately, he can have potential and you say, well, if you're a backup, like we want you to be good on defense, we want you to have a good first step and I think those are the pros. And I think his form is solid. The shot is not quite there, in my opinion. But his form is solid and that gives you a good basis to work with, especially because he's young and Uber athletic. Yeah, I'm not as big on his form. It's mostly the base. I think the release is good. The jump shot release itself is good, but the bottom half where I just feel like I'm not a fan of big boxy jumpers. So the reason why this is a little bit lower on Jalen green's jump shot, I think that kind of stuff, you present yourself with obstacles that are a little bit unnecessary. But that's a con and I'll get to that. But I absolutely everything you're going to hear on this starts with the explosiveness and the athleticism. Defensively, he has crazy quick feet. He can move very well on the perimeter. He has great, quick change of direction when he's driving when he's in transition, he can go left, right, left, right. He's a windshield wiper in transition. He's all around him. He's really hard to stop that way. And then above that, he's also an explosive finisher that can finish above the rim with the head of steam and we've seen it a little bit in half court. Definitely seen it in the full court. And then also the other big skill for me is passing. I think he really knows how to exploit defenses and while I did criticize the turnovers, the three a game. A lot of that does come from the daring Ness, I guess, of willing to try crazy things as a pastor, where he's trying to thread the needle a little bit too much. And honestly, I'd rather have those mistakes than fundamental mistakes where it's like really, you couldn't like you traveled or something like that. But he passes out a drives really well. I think he has good vision. He knows for his teammates are. I'm confident in those two things. The athleticism and playmaking. Now, unfortunately, I'll kick off some of the cons and I'll let you take over from there. But the turnovers are an issue obviously. He has really short arms I mentioned the quick feet defensively by the wingspan is going to hold him back. I can't see him measuring more than plus one or plus two but the absolute most and he's already a little bit undersized at these listed at 6 three, but I personally don't see him as that tall. And then the other thing, I mean, it just really comes down to anything with shooting. The jump shot needs to be more consistent. His floaters really flat. It's a line drive. I'd like to see him get some more art. But if he can learn to score, I think that's a big swing skill. Talk to me about what you see in the negatives from your research. I've got a couple. And.

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