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Slush books to purchase or visit amazon barnes and noble ibooks the food and drug administration is cutting and says he's taking disciplinary action against as many as ten people after an investigation found women in the parks maintenance division are subject to sexual harassment yellowstone superintendents told the associated press potential penalties will range for reprimand to suspension or termination the move comes as the national park service's image has been tarnished by widespread reports of sexual harassment bullying and other misconduct at parks including yellowstone yosemite in grand canyon the elston investigation was launched when a park employees complained the montana pioneer magazine and two members of congress that a pervasive men's club environment encourage the exploitation and abuse of female workers zimbabwe's first lady is positioning himself as a possible successor to her husband president robert mugabe grace mugabe one said the 93 road leaders should run as a coupes and the 2018 elections if he dies before the vote now the politically ambitious first lady says one of the ruling party's two vice presidents should be a woman her remarks on thursday inject extra intrigue into a succession debates that is featured fighting within the ruling zanu pf party and a widespread sense of uncertainty in a country with debilitating economic problems the world's oldest had it states who recently returned from medical treatment in singapore is holding campaign rallies around the southern african nation but to slow down considerably in recent months apply containing a bible verse has been removed from a police department of tennessee if he's walter ratliff reports after a complaint it was the matter of waiting the call a biblical passage that has long been displayed of the knoxville police headquarters will be removed following a complaint from the freedom from religion foundation the plaque is located on a wall at a nonpublic area it quotes romans eight thirty one which says what shall we then say to these things have god before us than who can be against us the freedom from religion foundations east tennessee chapter president says she believes that the plaque indicates that the police department promotes christianity over other religions the mayor decided not to spend taxpayer money to fund a legal defence of the plaque i'm walter ratliff thank you for listening to the.

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