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Out all the DJ play brutal also that became a hit song it's kind of synchronous synchronistic the you bring this up because actually I stumbled upon a Joe Pesci version of if it doesn't snow yeah yeah you played that before yeah I did I did the hell out of it so we're gonna play that right now document does with it this is Joe Pesci if it doesn't snow this Christmas was less hello it is one and a lot they always want displaying the bring them the girl nice says the one the world please me but how that way some rain would that be please wait it no but get around one they break down on his way would you I nice long letter I'm not hold game I really would feel much better if one way now they say they all of the slave driver he the goal with no one one I nice long letter and the whole bit not in vain I if one all the three the rain Dr the goal all right all right one one Joe Pesci you can believe you did a Christmas song Joe Pesci and the size color it doesn't snow this Christmas Joe Pesci to the sun I mean I don't know what everybody in the studios like shaking their heads doctor olig let all gonna go Joe Pesci did a Christmas song it all Christmas album Disney at least today please yeah there's more than one song right yeah we can all hold the thing is that a certain amount of four to one and with unusual unexpected fertil pressure you to do a Christmas song all between Audrey saying but dreams version was the driven snow there's a lot of driven snow out there too I mean we got a really early snow fall this year so I don't think you know that's another thing too I wonder if the reason why a lot of the Christmas music started early was because of the snow we got because I know it's a lot about money and I agree with you guys a Christmas creep sucks but I mean like right after what Halloween we got hit the major snow storm across the country yeah and I anything that had a lot to do with playing this Christmas songs early so yes no definitely you know has a way of making things all Christmas tree yes I think it was all planned rated right of course Rick in Florida what's that hoping to get our first rain since may tonight good you guys get some right out of the no it's a good thing reckon Florida your doctor Demento go ahead Hey Clyde thanks for taking my call that yes my call this is our little wanted to make your site I'm originally from Frank Zappa sent down ball or mailing and we could feed for example one time on Black Friday you need said here's a song for all the Christmas song to play too early he played Tony Pulis though we're going to go down okay now find the pancake breakfast.

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