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Ag you you claim you don't wanna get into twitter fights but yet you know you're out there like yeah you're out there like conor mcgregor basically starting trouble yeah oh yeah i call him the sideshow until they they they get their nfl team but is that that'll be but they they're all it's homegrown unlike homegrown the teams nine months old i mean really i mean so i was kind of going back and forth a little bit all right email all that stuff to aj not to lindsey all right lindsay adler is a today even call you a staff writer senior writer i don't even know what your title is lindsay baseball writer baseball writer all right now lindsay adler is a baseball writer for the team yeah she's she she writes for the athletics covers the mets and the yankees and pretty awesome by the way checkout her recent work on the to yankee rookies who are blowing up including laboratories who really totally looks like the real deal my god the yankees there's so annoying but they got they got chapman they i'm sorry they traded chapman right laboratories from the cubs guys in incredible prospect and then they got chapman back and free agency it's that's the yankees in a nutshell i gotta get brian cashman credit he is really a good gm even though would credit for a lot of even with all his advantages the the guy's been a great all right so that check lindsay adler is workout at the ethnic and follow her on twitter it's her name land se why ad l e r at lindsay adler aj perez works for usa today in catch his work for that publication and he is you are by peres on twitter am i right about that.

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