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And then i would love for you guys respond. Four is the most complex number Primarily because they are intense emotionally and they are Not comfortable with anything that is in the middle are that's average So a four They have more emotions than any other number. And they have an emotional swing. That is Exhausting for some other numbers and part of that's because if they're said they wanna be sadder and if they're happy they wanna be happier. Oh no average feelings So they intensify both happy and sad and four are textured people. They don't like things that are flat and slick and quick answers to hard questions they contribute. Oh gosh probably forty percent of the beauty. That's in the world. Wow and terms of music dance. Art architecture plants. All of it. They have an eye for beauty and depth and texture and color. Yeah they are uncomfortable in the world. And i think it's has a lot of reasons. The first reason i think is that i believe there are fewer fours in any other number so i think there are a lot of people who don't know a four. Oh wow okay and fours are very forthcoming and a lot of people. Don't want to know about your life. They want to know where you work right. And maybe where you live. But they don't want to know about your life and fours don't feel like they've had any kind of meaningful exchange with you. If all you know is what you can find out on. I don't know calling So i think fours are worse all the time that we give them. They don't abbreviate well. they don't They don't fall right in line. Well they don't wanna be like everybody else they want to have their own image and Interestingly enough anne fours and sevens look exactly alike as children. You told me part and that's because neither one gets enough it's like they want a little more of everything that life offers just a little more force half to learn to meet people in the middle in terms of social connection. They have to learn to say less and to draw out less and they have to be willing to give relationships time but they're accustomed to people leaving them and so they kind of operate in the world of. I'm gonna tell you everything like as fast as i can tell you and that way if you don't like me then i'm not going to get hurt later right. I'll take it right.

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