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With Bloomberg's Bob moon any thank you. The European Union says it will wait for scientific reports on Iran's compliance with the nuclear deal negotiated with world powers before announcing its response, the he used foreign policy chief would not speculate, what would happen if Tehran veers away from the terms of the global deal now more than ever federal agents need help from local law enforcement to deal with the crisis at the border. That was the message from acting homeland security secretary, Kevin McLean, who spoke today at the national sheriff's conference in Kentucky mcelwain until the law enforcement officials his department relies heavily on those local agencies to assist in the ongoing border crisis by serving warrants to illegal aliens in order to repatriate them. This is a crisis. Unlike anything, we've seen at our border and reflects a dramatic shift in the demographics of those crossing our border. Legally the United States. Methylene also praised the officers for being on the front lines of the opioid crisis. Flurry of Vanderbilt child eras turn designer jeans Queen has died at the age of ninety five a descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt, the shipping and railroad magnate, she inherited about four million dollars at age twenty one much of which was spent by the time she was in her forties. In two thousand seventeen interview Vanderbilt talked about how she has survived despite losses including a son who committed suicide at twenty three watching as he jumped to his death from her apartment building in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight I really determined to do the best, I can it's part of living to, to go through tragedies that the rainbow comes another Edison Cooper is a journalist at CNN, he issued a statement calling her an extraordinary woman who loved life and lifted on her terms, Hobo news, twenty four hours a day.

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