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News continues its the 14th day of January 34 minutes past the hour on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, defending his company's band of President Trump in a Twitter. Read his first public comments on the issue, Dorsey saying when the president incited his followers to storm the capital, then continued to tweet, he said the resulting risk to public safety created an extraordinary untenable circumstance for Twitter, A Dorsey acknowledge that shows of strength like the Trump band could set a dangerous precedent Steven, calling them a sign of failure. He said he took no pleasure in making the decision and suggested Twitter needs to find ways to avoid having to make such decisions in the first place. Meanwhile, parlors CEO says he'd like to start moderating content now, but it's probably too late. Tech platforms crackdown on parlor after users openly discussed last week's violent insurrection, an attack on the capital before it happened, Parlor CEO John Mattes says. Now he's had a change of heart, but it's probably too late. Atrocious. The attack was on the Capitol and everything that's going on lately. You know, we feel that we need to go above and beyond that, and I think it's Zakheim Tol explore doing algorithms to flag content and advance. You know, we'll still keep the idea of people are innocent before proven guilty. But you know if we could get to a place where algorithms could be able to determine violations that are clear violations most of the time and then mark them as hey, that can't go out. I'm sorry. You know, it's it's just We think it's a violation. So if it is, if you if it's a false positive, and you believe you're actually innocent, and you should be able to send it to the jury to make that determination, So we're trying to be more proactive about it. And we want to be very proactive about it. Because you know these things shouldn't happen. If everything is perfect, and we don't lose any more vendors, which won't happen, you know you're talking, you know, half a week. You let's start losing anymore. You know, it could be. It could be never. I mean, we don't know yet. Well, very importantly, we lost Cilla Enterprise on Defer those who are familiar. You know, Scylla is a Is a database. Very, very high speed data base. It's really the backbone of you know, parlors, feed system and a lot of other components that we have and so by losing them. That was really a big blow. Other agreements like we lost access to stripe Esso. Even if we were online, we can no longer process ads and have revenue. American Express said any anybody nobody can pay for anything to partner with American Express anymore. Oh, quite a lot of vendors, Twilio so we can't send SMS slow acts that we can no longer talk to the community jury who enforced our terms of service. That's making the comments to Reuters. Meanwhile, encrypted messaging, APP Signal and telegram are seeing huge upticks and downloads from Apple and Google Zap stores. Experts fear the shift may reflect our rush of social media users seeking alternatives. The platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and the now shuttered Parlor. President Trump now calling for calm as Joe Bynes inauguration nears, holed up at the White House Wednesday at the House IMPEACH 10 As the House impeached him, President Trump released a video statement in which he made no mention of the impeachment, but he appealed to supporters toe Refrain from any further violence. I want to be very clear. Unequivocally condemned the violence.

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