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Were problems being reported with California's bullet train project we get the latest from KFBK is Brody Fernandez, atop contractor for California's Bullet Train has sent a seething letter to state officials warning the project could miss a key federal deadline. This contradicting reports from the state that the project is on track and on time the L A times today, reporting the 36 page letter. Claims there are several major problems that have remained unresolved for years. The list of problems ranged from failure to secure land utilities and contracts with outside parties in order to complete the project. A spokesperson for the State Rail Authority says they do not agree and that the letter and the previous problems were under a different management team and those problems have since been resolved. Brody Fernandez News 93.1 KFBK Sacramento was getting another professional sports team KFBK Staler Martin has the story. The city of Sacramento will be joining the national Women's Soccer League in 2021 National Women's Soccer League Commissioner Lisa Baird announced the big news during a state of the league address yesterday. Back in August, Sacramental Republic of C was in the final stages of negotiations with the league to bring women's pro soccer to the city of Sacramento. Taylor Martin News, half a 20210.1 kfbk It's four or six on the KFBK. Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil, Joe Michaels, Thank you and the San Francisco based companies sanitizer that doubles as an Air purifier is in hot demand as it can kill covered 19 particles. The Brondello pro sanitizing air purifier is approved by the FDA and tests show that after 15 minutes 99.9% Of airborne Covad particles are removed from the air. The machine uses five filter layers to trap virus particles and break them down, rather than just holding them inside the filters. Sanitizer purifier cost nearly $650 and is currently only available on Rondell dot com. Apparently it will be sold at best Buy. Home Depot and target all the websites in the coming weeks. It's 407. Now it kfbk coming up. We'll talk about the poll question. Today. It's about the impeachment and What it's doing to the country, Basically, and well, maybe go the phones this hour on your pound to 50 give you the results so far on our Twitter page right now, though, we're going to get you up to speed on the hour's top national stories on news 93.1 kfbk. From ABC.

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