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Norman says Oh will suffer the consequences later right now. Let's just give her money They go into into the tunnel. And there's a truck there. Emma says she's never seen a truck before they look around There's no music. There's just the sound of a dripping water coming down from pipe and then Emma says well. Let's just leave the bunny in the truck bed and she'll find it but When she looks in the truck bed she finds something cool she drops the bunny and Norman comes around to see what's in the truck and its Connie's body who she is very gray very dead and she? He has flowers red flowers stabbed into her chest. You Oh boy. Turn a twist She got a florist Matt immediately. She Kushtia never would have made it. What's your favorite flower? I don't really like flowers. Ha Ah Ha and they hear some a men's voices coming out of a coming from room nearby in the door opens so so they Hide under the truck and they they kind of peak out to see the guys but they're not guys at all their demons to detailing Lincoln's Daily dudes. Yeah so this is what actually surprised me when I watched the first episode the first time. 'cause I kind of knew you what was happening already but what I didn't know was demons so I was like. Oh my God because I thought it was just just like meat farm but I didn't know it was too knows that So the demons talk about how badly they want to eat the kids but they're not allowed to because the human flesh from this farm is the highest quality only the richest can't afford it shift his religious And then another demon comes in and he is kind of looking at a list and he says the kids have all been very average lately and a Momma is there and this is what we learned that. Her name Isabela because he addresses her as such and he tells her to prepare the highest ranking ranking kids for plucking And that's when he smells something. Oh no smell but when he looks under the truck they're gone. They dashed back to the orphanage and they stop to catch their breath and Emma has a panic attack and she. She doesn't want to believe what they saw. She doesn't believe that this place where they all feel so safe is just a farm that they're just food but Norman. Just kind of the logical dude. He is just like no like it's happening. This is this is real An Emma just start sobbing uh-huh and when they go back into the the building raise their and he's like odd you guys make it and they look really upset visibly shaken and it I was just like no we didn't make it But they left the bunny behind. They left the bunny. They don't have the money but they say they didn't make it and then norman an Mr Mr talking. And he says that they should escape the three of them. But Emma doesn't WANNA leave everybody behind and this is I was really emotional here. I don't know why I just got really sad. I was like Oh man these poor kids who Hana no one gets left behind or forgotten and Norman says that he'll use his superior strategy skills to make sure all the kids. Get out okay. And there's like this music playing and it's kind of swelling and then it stops dead and we see a shot of Mama holding the bunny and I was just like Oh shit so cool. I loved that but adages. That's episode one. The show of series has a lot of great like reactions and just like a lot of emotion in the character's faces. Yeah yeah they like. I was noting to myself. They have really beautiful animation except for when they don't because they well like to build the tension start using like uglier greedier looking animation. Yeah I think that's a really nice touch. That's interesting because they do that and we too because he's just not as good of a show that's using it. Well they they you have some weird like shot cuts that they. I think trying to use to build tension but they just seem weird and like disjointed disjointed but yeah I don't know what they're going for with building the suspense. I'll give them that. I think it's because they don't have like big flashy lights in the Rudo one piece fight sequences and stuff. So they're just like we gotta really emphasize the seat. We do have like there's nothing to say about about the show besides the demons which we only see in this the small segment of episode one. So they're like we really emphasize the emotion in these. These kids the only John on the show. Yeah yeah need an elaborate tags sequence. We also mentioned were or white to the orphanage like the and got a tattoo on their neck Yan choice meat so episode so too We start of course with a dream of Ms Seeing Connie getting eaten as so she wakes up freaks out And it's the next morning and Ama- is just seeing like Mama interact with. Everyone is freaking out and normans Norman. Like hey be cool key together. GonNa pretend like it wasn't has because she doesn't know who left the bunny behind so don't don't make her suspicious. Don't be a SNITCH. Be Chill Yeah So they know that mom knows something's up so they're They're just trying to blend in at this point A break away and they start to figure out what they're like like why people are getting selected and they learned they figure out that their age determines like the grade raided the meat so the older they are up to twelve the better. The meat is And also the people who get higher test scores Ores mean may get to age more sort of like their They like to eat brains. Maybe so there they want the smarter kids to get older older. So they're more developed and more delicious. Yeah this part was very INFO dumpy and they assume a lot of things in it but like yeah as an audience. You're like well that must be the truth but also like they figure it out so quickly. This is definitely the writers being like. Hey this is what it it is. They didn't just figure it out. This is the raiders telling the best noodles are the smart noodles. Good news also also tea. Banh Mi apparently tough St. Don't get those hormones Outta here So yeah they do the math and they figure out that basically every two months. There's a shipment so they have about about two months to figure out an escape route so they're out playing quote unquote in the woods as they start to plot what they basically we got a big old info dump in this episode as they just like coordinate their plan so they talk about okay We need to figure out a day escape since everyone would be out in the yard they Go and RECON the woods. They find a big like giant cement wall that's to smooth and To climb there are trees that they can jump to So they figure out that if they need to get everyone out to get all the younger kids out they need a rope of some kind signed the they are called back and we see one of the younger kids lost their partner out in the woods and mom and Mama's like oh that's fine and pulls out a pocket watch looks at it and we see it's tracking device shah. Ah Things in so she uses that to find the kid but Emma and Norman realize is she is showing it off to everyone to show that she knows that she contract people so she's is saying. Hey You idiots. I know where you are so it's sort of a will will warning for whoever's plotting at something something Yeah James but they also figure out that she'd doesn't have like a tracking on where they are at any given time time. It's only when she checks her pocket. Watch thing so later on that night. Emma is being all sad thinking about Connie in the hallway and Mama catches her hush. It was good. I liked this part. No this was so tense. So Mama catches her. Being sat in the hallway. While Norman is like was about to turn the corner is like watching but Emma ax her ass off and like I just Miss Connie but but I'll I'll find her one day 'cause everything's when she she when when she was like when they were hugging and Emma just goes. I wonder what he's doing right now. Like with that tone of voice like very. Ah I feel like very obviously being like. I'm the one that saw that I was an. Why would you do that? God because the better yeah it was she was doing so well until that moment where she's like What's Connie doing? I hope she's happy and alive. I went to really it normally corners. Hey am I was like shit. Just because he's communist just like a very like panic mode of thought league he's like jumps back behind the corner. Yeah so yeah Another kid comes into say dinner served and Save Sir So She Norman quickly like go down the stairs and just as they're about to go out of sight Mama's like Oh one more thing. Did you go to the gate last night. WHO has no we're law abiding citizens? We never go rules. What are you a cop? You've lied to tell me if you're so. Yeah they get down to the bottom of the stairs and they like collapse because that was the tensest Shit they've ever gone through and Ray sees them have their freak out once they're out of sight so that that night they sneak into a storage closet and they steal old table clause that they'll tied together to make a rope they steal the table cloths but ray follows follows and his onto them. He knows what he got perfect scores to. He's not like all those other kids. The fucking mark five year old mark database idiot worthless dead weight so yeah a a go back out to the wall and ray follows them to confront and be like. Hey what's up and we see Mama notice. Let's that Ray is not sitting with his book under the tree so she also knows some things up. So at this point they start Looping Ping in ray on all of the goings on and raise like okay. Well if we want to have have a genuine escape we need to cut the dead weight because we have a lot of like little little kids. That are GONNA slow as down give away they are cover and all that mark. I didn't hear what you said. I was just shooting so fucking stuck in here. The church we love. We love wholeheartedly. The characters we don't like we despise the six that will save you so yeah.

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