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No momentum going in this match. It was like the winner faces Gunther. And I'm like, wait, the winter face is probably the most menacing presence in pro wrestling, and I was like, I've already saw Reagan nerf. That'd be Santos Escobar is like, I don't even know what you're doing with it. A couple weeks ago. Right. And Santos I was like, could be cool, but he has no momentum going to this match. Cross has nothing so they don't really want to make him lose. So I guess we're going to kill mad cat monster Elimination Chamber, but I was like, that's like a kick-off match. That's not even at the chamber. I thought it was. No? Go home show. This is just going to nerf them. And nobody cares about mad cat moss. What a terrible induced SmackDown. Ridiculous. First match since we're on the subject. Of the chamber edge Beth Phoenix versus the Judgment Day Finn Balor Ripley. I'll get my prediction then Cole, you can give yours. Again, simple the match doesn't have to be too long. I think ria has to look strong throughout, shout out to the dudes at what culture, who have a really off the wall, but cool prediction, where it's like, you know what? Rhea has to look the strongest after this, figure out Finn and edge after. But reassured riptide edge advantage. And I was like, but that kind of sucks for edge going into mania. So I don't think you can really do that. But I don't need any cheating or anything else. I think Rhea just really has to beat the shit out of Beth Phoenix distract edge and Finn has to win, but like really on some wild concerto edge type shit, tried to end edge after it. I need three of the 19 13s. I need the coup de grace. I need all that shit. I need him to pin him and then still now Rhea has to watch edge get the concerto and be like, oh my God, it's kind of like the role reversal and Finn do to edge what Rhea did to Beth. And then you got to get that blood feud heat. Cool. Yeah, I think this is tough because I think I always envision this as being what they were going to lead up to to mania and then obviously Rhea winning the rumble kind of changed all that. So now it's kind of like this was supposed to be a really big personal feud and now we're kind of doing it here before ria has to take care of like bigger business. So it kind of puts this match in a weird spot. I'm of the mind that Judgment Day has to get some W's here. So yeah, I think that ending could very well come true where it's edge kind of taking more of the brunt whereas Beth kind of took the brunt of it at extreme rules. So really, I just want to see Finn come out to virtual insanity. That's really all I want. So how do we make that work? Wow. Have you made it? Sorry. Make this match messy. And what I mean by that is, I need some dominate Mysterio interference, and I need ready to come back in this match. I think the best thing you can do is make this as messy as possible without giving us too much of edge and fin, if that's what we're going to do at mania. So if we get a ray run in and the Dominic run in and everybody's just doing crazy shit and then the end of the match is messy, you can go back to edge and fin and be like, they didn't really finish their business. You kind of clearly protect Rhea, I mean, I don't know if Beth's still east to pin, but make this shit messy. I don't want this to be like your typical intergender tag match was like, tag the girl and the girls I'm going to fight each other. I just want this to be messy as hell. That's what I want. But it should lose again and then I don't know it has to be some kind of stipulation. There has to be him and Finn just can't have a match. No. It has to be something else. It's weird because I don't know because Damian priest clearly wouldn't eliminate chamber. What does that leave him? I don't know. But Dominic has interfered on behalf of Rhea and ray should come back because we got to start a table setting for Dominic array. So make it messy, have Finn and rear win and maybe edge takes the pen. I don't know. We got to figure out how to get there. But then again, I don't want edge to win that mania. It's a weird thing. Is this a lot of moving parts here? This is the one few that was really hot. And then cooled off and it's like, now they got to figure it out because you got a lot of other stories that have built a lot more momentum. Like holt said Rhea moved on to bigger things. So a cool this off because it's like Beth is a speed bump. You don't know where we're going. Next up, Bobby Lashley versus Brock Lesnar, match I think opens the card. Over under 6 minutes for this match. Entrance is not included. Look, I'll start. I'll start. And you guys can go back around. My only concern about this match is that probably shouldn't have no contest. Because are they supposed to do this at mania? So there's a two trains of thought here. One, the herb is back together just destroy Brock, which leads to these two having a steel cage match at WrestleMania. So I

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