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And how they've built around him and not today listen you gotta change now works heater what you do and we're gonna build this bad boy around you if they have a lot the way they run and the way they throw it out one dimensional so but the running game everything is based off of that once they get that role and then your trouble now hajj here with us Rogers and wells and when you have the Packers and the sea hawks what is that game come down to Atlanta well you did that to me is the most unique part of all these matches I think a lot of them from and my eyes are chronic really clearly defined that one is Eliza more difficult but if I had to narrow it down to one saying I just thinking that you're comes down error Rogers all I think that he is the difference in the whole game or how he plays and what he does when I think someone's been lost with that you know I say that and I'm like I I catch myself because then I'm not giving credit to something I think is bad overlooked not highlighted enough it's the way they play defensively Green Bay things that they have done and can do I had done on a consistent basis may need to make them a favorite in this game based on those two elements of their team you know Aaron Rodgers ability in the playoffs and that stage you give him that opportunity I think that we don't magical things but then what they can do defensively I think are are are the difference in this game that's such a tough game to protect this weekend and also but when you look at the other end of C. game is wrapping up with Merrill Hodge Vikings in forty Niners I know the forty Niners are coming off the by and feeling and digs the digs been under the weather at the little bit banged up but they both will go with the Vikings did last week was so impressive I wonder what they're going to do this time around I now going up against the forty Niners well I was I I wouldn't deviate I don't expect the Packer I mean the Vikings to deviate much further than what you saw against the New Orleans Saints that is exactly how you win championship football I mean and what I mean is I don't think they come in here make an aerial attack I think they are going to end dot I think another thing that was lost in that game is how well they play defensively no question yeah that that which is not what is the with Kurt because the making those big throws the narrative about him when he plays like that that's where all the credits good to go do that right okay excellent the defense was there and Kirk stepped up and made the big for us when needed to right and then you know I look that big play it again today I I've always felt where when I played you know that guy has to do something in the game to help you win it now sometimes it is a throw like Kurt causes made or sometimes it's not that mistake that kills you sorry but that guy's pivotal for on Monday the of reasons and they're all out actually backside she Kirk cousins played way did and the way he had a feeling you don't what I thought was kind of forgotten to is the one actually got him in a bad spot beauty again with a fall and to redeem himself attack catch it did which is not an easy ball the tract if you watch that throw I would like the catch was incredible to so for them to respond like that at that moment in the game and that is what you know great players do and and I remembered by those great moments so that is just huge Makki Dr I can speak from experience when you go with on the road okay gone the next week there's less being the mafia there's more competent genius you know all about you gargle rather delay played against other wore out don't buy that played both environments like that now I was never tired second goal of the second game on the road but not tired enough agents acted brought momentum you gave us energy so I don't look I don't look like delicate I know it's it's wrong and they will have all types of energy they will be fired up ready go that they play within the structure of how they played against the New Orleans Saints year old thank you very easy they can go in and win the game again Sam Cisco is this the year Andy Reid gets around god you know the centers when I hear people go out to the yard and he's such a good guy you like to see what I'd like to win Super Bowl saw a lot of work and then I watched we will be with you will run it would work so like you know what Haiti readers read such a fabulous coach indeed dangerous for fabulous man and I I that's yeah I've known and you read yes use our trip to coach yes I mean looking at the one that would be a lot of people happy you know that they're not Kansas City Chiefs fan that are working for the chance the organization that would be like yeah I'll guarantee you know go for him now I'll give you a parting gift that I don't have the ring but my producer his wife has the hots for you that's what I've been informed being Prussia Meryl I don't know it makes him feel but that's what I've been told all right this is what the update got as John we appreciate the dog thanks for coming on Eddie Dr guide to your buddy areas Malahide here with us on CBS sports radio Mikey B. U. concern Malahide your wife little Smokies mochi action I'm always concerned you probably wonder each they had I get her to marry me yes right yeah that that's correct you're the luckiest person in the world I I always wondered and if you're listening the well don't be I think he's gonna get a cake thank you get a little extra thrill about Meryl hija being informed that your wife has the hots for Merrill Hodge as you and for me by the way all right before we do go on a reserve a steak yeah you like I don't bring this up and everything don't bring this up and bring it up on the air hi his J. Berman I usually CBS sports update sports flag right guys will star in the NBA overtime in Detroit Cavaliers and pistons tied at one ten Tristan Thompson is thirty three points and fourteen rebounds for Cleveland Andre Drummond is twenty points and twenty three rebounds for Detroit so it's a battle of the big man meanwhile Sixers come from behind and they beat the Celtics in a good one one oh nine ninety eight Sixers outscored the Celtics thirty two eighteen of the fourth double Walker had twenty six Josh Richardson had twenty nine for Philadelphia Blazers and timber wolves during the third Timberwolves leader eighty seven sixty one meanwhile the game of the night features the rockets and thunder from Oklahoma City it's the return of Russell Westbrook has not played in OKC since leaving he'll do that tonight they'll get underway momentarily night college hoops number twenty three Wichita state beach number twenty one met this seventy six sixty seven also number nineteen Michigan and Purdue or in double overtime in Michigan's gonna win their up six with three seconds remaining eighty four seventy eight meanwhile number twenty four Arizona at number nine Oregon and leading thirty two twenty six in the first half number eight Michigan state up a bucket on Minnesota in the first half twenty to twenty still to come top ranking Vatican visit San Diego that HL Rangers lead the double six three in the third it's just got final Panthers beat the Canucks fight the two lightning blight the coyotes for nothing I'm Jay Berman DA here tomorrow morning wall to wall preview of the divisional round of playoffs with Solomon Wilcox and your target demo Friday the daily show six eastern.

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