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Workers and employ them through September more details on that the minutes ahead here on WTOP other new developments in the corona virus pandemic the global economy in twenty twenty will suffer its worst year since the great depression of the thirties at work today from the International Monetary Fund new today DC mayor Muriel Bowser says the district may see a corona virus peak in late may rather than late June in our region we have more than seventeen thousand seven hundred cases of the virus within five hundred twenty people have died several residents of the sunrise adds McLean assisted living facility in McLean Virginia have died of covert nineteen Washington post reports at least twenty other residents and ten employees have tested positive Anna Rundle Charles St Mary's and prince George's counties in Maryland all will be employing new rules tomorrow that will require you to wear a mask in big stores such as grocery stores pharmacies and chain stores six twenty two crooks are using concern over corona virus to try to steal your money and personal information and the local police department is detailing what you should look out for you might get a call or email guaranteeing access to a vaccine against covert nineteen if you provide your financial information or social security number please remember there is no vaccine officer Marshall Whaley is with the prince William county police crime prevention unit some people are getting calls claiming Medicare recipients are being offered corona virus tests first that's not true Whaley suggests if you have an iPhone go into settings and silence unknown callers this way callers that are not in your contacts will be silence local straight to your voicemail Michelle Basch WTOP news trust.

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