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Falcons thick and is just as communist aiming is my favorite televisions and just wanted to be the tv show ever gonna get that's fine what if it said comedy bang bang khamenei langa what if i changed the title of this chef to comedy bangor the tv show but you know the interactively so somebody out there who got a comedy deference attitude is furious probably that's fine just the it's just the laser it's the laser gun only there is at least one hain unmanned tattoo that saudi put online there's people morgan will need to do high would want to see small revision i would if it's going to be your dick i would do a hey darn ram reading it pretty good thirty nine on man born parody hey man a hainaut poured area yes so who else is in the show my rude off my rudolf is being paid to be on the show john mullany is being made me on the show red arm as soon as being paid him fred yeah we're paying fred needs more television show he's on some great yes and a jordan peel is that goes new duke ellington he's being paid to be on the show and who i thought that was a real ghost no that's jordan peel ogono now is in he'll ghost no he's he's alive why o r go yes no that's the show ada you hitched channel 102 okay this equalled his own oh what a wa yes the rip off i'd say it was more robust call it is equally ah.

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