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Down to Tate rotter maker being worth ten points and although we don't see it in that one specific small sample size of two quarters. Anyone going to debate that still right at this moment? The way Jordan Travis has played. It's just so what I have seen from coastal here depicts maybe even something larger than 8 points and you just think about the matchup in this game and if coastal is going to throw the ball where they've really been quite successful, that's Troy's best attribute as their past defense. Coastal hasn't really been able to move the ball all that efficiently on the ground, but the one element of Troy they've really limited explosive runs. It's a good matchup from that perspective. I guess the only question would be at this point is the market in and of itself. We've seen some dumb things happen, right? Troy opens as low as four and a half and everyone believes Grayson calls out. We tip to what 1111 and a half at peak. And now all of a sudden there's been this discussion of we think Grayson McCall is going to try and play and we're at 8 and a half. We know he's not going to be a 100%. But what does the market do when he officially gets upgraded on the screen? And so I think we could probably only trend lower and that might create some value on Troy at that point. If the market dips below the key number of 7 and we all know he's not going to be a 100% with this foot injury. Maybe that's when you step into Troy. I just don't know if this is the specific time to go, because if he gets upgraded on the screen, it's inevitably going to move this game. It's so interesting. I obviously when you look at the way coastal is performed even last week against JMU. I mean, Jamie chadwell deserves a ton of credit for their early game scripts. They come out, they put together a crooked numbers early on in games, and they've kind of fizzled out on the conference road. You look at their performance. Thankfully for us, at Monroe when we took Louisiana Monroe plus the 14 is a podcast best bet. Coastal isn't able to do much after the break with a healthy McCall. You saw something very similar even at home against USM with the backup quarterback and it gets Marshall earlier this year. So so much of it is schematic, but I think this is clearly a step up in class, not the kind of defense you're accustomed to facing within the sun belt, given what Troy has brought to the table. And Brad, I guess the other part of this handicap that I have to ask you about before we kind of pivot away from it. All sorts of buzz about Jamie chadwell potentially taking a job outside of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has been one of the hottest names in the coaching carousel for the last couple of off seasons. Does that factor into the handicap at all? Or do you think in a one game setting what he's meant to this program and players that they can kind of put that distraction behind them? To a similar extent, what we saw from old myths against Mississippi state, more so than what we saw from liberty, who got boat raced last week by New Mexico state. Yeah, although all this still lost. And they lost their last two games with distractions and liberty. That wasn't a good look with that. I would say that it's something that if you're not putting it into your handicap, I think you're making a mistake. I'm not saying it's worth a lot, but it's certainly I don't think is a positive because a lot of reports are saying he is the odds on favorite to be the next USF coach. So I don't think it's necessarily a good sign of a guy's one foot out the door. I know it meant it means a lot to close this off finally with a sunbelt championship to three year run for coastal. One thing I will say is maybe there are record looks similar to the last two years editions, but when you do dive into coastal, even with a majority of the season with grace and McCall, it's nowhere near as good as the last two years. I mean, this is a team that's been out gained. Yards per play negative. I just don't see them. When you look at the second order win total, which is basically an advanced metric that says, the user's advanced statistics gives a win probability and compares it to the actual outcome of the game. Is this team is more like a 6 and a half win type of team instead of a 9 and two teams. Add all that together and the question marks about Grayson McCall's health status has me, obviously, on the Troy side here. And I'll pivot back to what pain mentioned. I do believe once it hits that down best screen and he's officially in, we'll see 7, maybe we're not going to see 6 and a half. Boy, if we see 6 and a half, I'm already heavily involved in this one. I'm telling you 7 is a major goal for me. 6 and a half would be, I would have the biggest bet of the year on top of already having a monster bet on Troy in this game. CJ maribel and Isaiah likely aren't walking through that door for the shanta clears to try and help their offense. Come Saturday. One last question I have for you Brad and pain kills me when I ask these relatively speaking hot take questions, but I don't feel it's such. When you look at coastal from Grayson McCall to what they have at quarterback, bigger downgrade than what Fresno state was when they lost JK for an extended period of time and how to go to Logan fife. It is a bigger downgrade, especially with them trying out the younger guy carpenters had plenty of experience. I know he can't throw the football, but he at least can run it and it started many games in his career. So I'm a little surprised that they have kind of used this as more towards the future. But yeah, it's probably the biggest downgrade in college football. At least, unless obviously we haven't seen Caleb Williams go out of the lineup or Drake may, but at least at the group of 5 level, there's no one more valuable. Yeah, it's a great point talking about coastal knowing that they've used two backups. And if they'd lean on a veteran and Carpenter to run the football a little bit more, shorten the game, should McCall not be effective going into hostile territory against the stingy defense with the last thing you want to do is create a short field and allow those fans to rally behind their team. All right, from group of 5 football gentlemen to big boy football being played in Atlanta, where Georgia is a 17 and a half point favorite against LSU in the Mercedes Benz stadium, total on the game 51. And the SEC championship game has been played since 1992. It's UGA's tenth appearance, a three and 6 record with their wins coming in 2002, 2005 and 2017, surprisingly enough for the bulldogs, given everything they've been able

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