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I'm not sure how the concept still plays very well today because you know, father staying home and taking care of kids as much more commonplace than it was in the eighties at the time this movie was made. So I'm not sure how they're going to spice it up or make it feel more modern and contemporary. But yeah, it's it's, it's definitely something that you could easily see turned into a TV show. I don't know how the concept lens like you said, lends itself to today. One of my problems with incredible too was kind of this that it was kind of leaning on this kind of concept, and I felt it was kind of. Didn't feel new or different in any way, a bent yovany thoughts. I know you haven't seen mister mom. I have not seen this movie and I share the same concerns as you guys. Actually the the thing about incredible to not to completely derail this podcast. That's one of the things that I meant to bring up in this week's watercolor was one of my issues with that movie was the the way that mister incredible. It is like such a dick to his wife in that movie, and then you think that it's going to come back and he's going to have some sort of reckoning with the way that she is being treated. You know, like the the premise of that film is that she gets chosen over him to become like a Representative for the superheroes, and he is like, so transparently dick of in his behavior about how he wasn't chosen and you feel you you think that has to come back at the end of the movie and it just never does. So it's what that was just dropped. Plot thread. One of the one of the other reasons I. I didn't really care for that too much. Well, anyway, let's move on to our next story in that is that Dave Batista may be heading to finish the island, which I guess is being described as Westworld meets cabin in the woods bentos about it. Yeah. I mean, you say that with with sort of a weird Tony waste, but that combination Westworld meets cabinet woods sounds pretty intriguing to me. I never watched the TV series fantasy island. It was a popular show in the seventies and nine hundred eighty s and their Sony end blunt house are adapting it into a movie. And we know that Michael Pena is going to be playing the character of Mr. roar coups the the mysterious owner of this island and Ricardo Montalban played that character in the TV show. And now we know the date by Teesta is in negotiations to star in the movie as well. The premise of the film the film follows a group of contest, winners who arrive at an island hotel to live out their dreams only to find themselves trapped in. Nightmare scenarios. So Michael pains character sort of is lording over this whole thing. And if Dave Teesta ends up making this deal joins us cast, he's going to play a former guest who is still on the island against his will and who wants to expose Rourke and the islands, magical secrets. So yeah, I mean, like I said, the I sort of rolled my eyes when I heard that they're making a fantasy island movie because it's like, you know, yet another TV show being mind for a movie based basically solely on its name, but I have to admit that I'm kind of intrigued by all the elements here..

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