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Your host Jimmy church. You can follow me on Twitter at J church radio. He could follow Bruce at hybrid humans. Right there on Twitter. I believe I got that. Right. Bruce Fenton is an author of the revolutionary human origins e book series, the forgotten exodus. He was born in Cheltenham England and graduated from Anglia Ruskin university in two thousand two Bruce world traveler in public speaker, and is a current member of both paleo throw Paleoanthropology society and the scientific and medical network tonight. We're going to discuss our human origins and his book forgotten exit into Africa, the theory of human evolution and human hybrid humans scientific evidence of our eight hundred thousand year-old alien legacy written by his wife, Dan yellowfin, and I would like to welcome back to coast to coast. Bruce Feldman, Bruce, it's been awhile since you've been on coast. What have you been? Two. Has been. Yeah. Being them carrying on with deep diving into the human origin subject reading, the kind of economic most people would probably five boring to get more data. Yeah. And of course, always trying to discover the truth. Well, you cover my favorite subjects right event. Is for me when I have a conversation with a guest, and we call it an interview, I call it a conversation, but you and I can go in any direction. And I know that I'm going to learn something I'm just fascinated with it. But before we get to that last week. I've been vis gonna go here last week. There was a a little breaking news story that went viral inside of the folk community in a concerned document that was released by the national space council announcing a new president. Now, the contents of the da. Document for me aren't as as as important as its offense ity and the possibility of it being disinformation. You took it upon yourself to contact the national space council, and what did you find out? Yeah. I I did see there was some initial controversy around it. So let's just check this one out somebody's to find the contacts. You know, the council I think free one that had been shed connecting to the document, actually. So let me to the the main contacts, and yeah, they came back saying that they would not aware if they wasn't any change in the presidential structure council and also that they haven't heard of the person named in adult Kim. So somebody out there for some reason definitely seems to see did. Well, if you know into the community why that is the question bruise why? Well, not only would this document, but in general. There is always the opportunity to spread disinformation inside of the UFO community. Why why do they continue to do this? Well to physically say one of the problems that I find within the community any fringe just you follow. Jay is that it's much more likely that people will share something on wedge argue about it in an insular way. Then reach out and check the think that's today with the lack of trust, you know, that we tend to have we follow tease people not in that habit. But because of. Do you know I have to deal with the academics? These sources I developed that tendency to actually go back and check so one of the things that they know that something like that will get legs, you know, people won't tend to check it. They would just AVI about it. You know? I mean, that's something people have to remember his trying. You can go out that reach out to these sources and say, hey, you know, from you. But why I guess? Yeah. Sometimes it keeps us looking the wrong way, doesn't it? You know that this is coming out, that's probably important. And instead, we'll be focusing on something that's important. When I read the reply that you got and the explanations in that reply that was one thing, but I look at the Email header, and it literally said the White House when you got that reply back, and you see that what would immediately goes through your mind because we're talking about really official correspondence, aren't we? Yeah. I like it'd be the initial including forward it onto somebody seeing the right, right? So he's that she took the time to look into it and come back because you know, some of these people I guess would just be silence said they must have found. It was with them. Putting it back out there that you know, this isn't today with us. She's quite interesting today. Even took the time. You're going to. Stuffing, obviously was with out that they should not to do with. Yeah. Considered. It's pretty fascinating to me about the the amount of documents. And this goes back in Ufology we can stretch to this back seventy years. This isn't anything new, but the amount of documents that spread through the U of O community that turn out to be fake. And I don't know if you wanna call it a hoax or fraud, which are two different definitions. But it's creating something that isn't real. But somebody out there created a fake document and nuit when they were creating it. Yep. I think that again, I'd say that. Oh, probably again that. Fake news is quote on the trendy thing that that went to Israel fake, news know, that it does seem to get like seeing the fringe community. And I'm not just saying if as paranormal conspiracies, look if I went now, edited some old government don't started putting stuff about avian and things that wasn't that. I put out on Twitter Facebook tomorrow, let's go is probably gonna get quite followers without anyone really looking into. Whether that's real exciting. You know, validate things they believe, you know. You can take days weeks months before anyone really looks into. Whether that's real. That's problem thing, we will after addressing the communities that we need to hang on for shedded. Can I click checks is being modified? Whereas the original United another coffee of documents. You know, what I mean, we we can go off eight in stopping those kind of hoax. Well, this particular document, this national space council document that when around last week I would have thought that that is one of the easiest things to go and check and check the sources on. And I question why somebody would take the chances of distributing this when everybody in the u Afo community, and we're very good at checking documents these days, this is going to go in and check in the provenance. And if this indeed was a real announcement. Don't you think that somebody would have thought about that? I before letting this go, well, I said anywhere. Yeah. You know? It's always thinking to some kind of joke. I would say they spec. This someone he's going to do that. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, there are of course, some very serious such as he's not just clicking show. You know, see as research is that we'll look into it. You know? So some point it's gonna get found out. So it's a strange one. I don't know why why they would want to sort of see confusion knowing as well that it would like to come back home some of those involved. So it's won't does it gain. You know, strange does actually games. I wanted to ask you before we move on. When you go and reveal that document like that that raises a lot of eyebrows. I didn't really understand why it was actually news worthy. That's that's not actually the point. When you turn around and show everybody that, hey, this thing isn't real do you get blowback from that are people angry at you for do. They get angry for for debunking the wrong word, but showing that document isn't what is supposed to be. Politics back. But my feeling is when the people that are not happy with that usually will remain fatty quiet because I don't be anyone wants to be seen to the annoy that the truth has come out of the them embarrassing for them. They've own woods to their friends or whatever they probably don't happy with with me. Coming back from sad. You know? Hey, you know, you know, anything that I need to call from direct and to me. So I think other people probably yes, they may feel that upset I haven't said anything it's strange times in the UFO community. It's never been as strange or is exciting like it is today in many many years and now want to actually make it a little bit of an announcement here. A couple of weeks ago Bruce was on my other show fade to black and during our conversation Bruce revealed that he was in process of some debris some craft debris and which caught me by surprise. But that's the beauty of doing the live radio show, and Bruce actually sent me some of the debris, and I got it last week. And thank you Bruce for sending it. I want to just say this in a general sense to everybody because this was a live show and people have asked me about it since then it it's quite I guess the word that I wanna use. It's heavy. It's a heavy metal. It's a heavy metal. When I held it in my hand. And what I was sent was probably about a half inch. Right. Yeah. Yeah. About a half inch in its round. But eighth of an inch thick, but it's density in its weight. Bruce caught me by surprise that. I wasn't expecting. What is what is the material makeup of? It is actually got a very long list chemicals in it. You know, surprising. I think looking at the analysis. I think there's about twenty different paths is mostly silica and aluminium. But a lot of other things even titanium in that you've got quad list of metals in the military in. Mike museums in that sorry. Yeah. At least about twenty a really complex mixture one of the things I'd like to see them. See an engineer from say aerospace or something tell me, hey, what would we imagine? It's going to be in future, you know, a future spaceship with these chemicals because I wonder how close is is I've seen that a lot of these compounds already in current generation spacecraft, right? So that's kind of funny thing that. Yeah. If longest chemicals, and you just mentioned titanium and aluminum and silica, but those are all light, you know, allies where this is. It's it's pretty dense. It's pretty heavy. Yeah. I mean, I mean melting process as being actually changed quit. Yeah. He was as liquefied then frozen in space so changed how would have extensive. And how would it be when it was in a structure for sure? Yeah. If you look at the very light. But yeah, he's feels quite heavy for Sola. Yeah. No, she wasn't even original NFC. I guess, you know, high temperature blackness now as well as probably would have been different color. It is translucent if you get the pieces and got light and some of them are greenish as well. But yeah, it looks very low slippery black, and yeah, this is like a dark Brown black fascinating to look at and hold the age on this. We going with the eight hundred thousand year old number yet dates on seven hundred eighteen thousand issue some of some geologists give a little bit. I've aside if that, but yeah, that's the average day is around seven seventy seven eighty seen in the studies have been done that meshes with that what we'll come to later this Lunga arguments. But yeah around that date, the strange as say. One of these people have noticed is that some of the pieces look as though that they haven't been weathered. They haven't been in the environment long see without be smooth. They've been you know, might handle all hit with a little bad weather suspicion that some of these pieces, maybe a falling fatty recently and just fully they maybe some of this stuff is still fooling Jimmy, right? Right. Formed right about that coming down, which is interesting as well. Now, let's let's set up for when we come back one of the points that I have made often is that we homo sapiens. Sapien us, right you, and I have been here for about one hundred fifty thousand years, and that we could push it back. Maybe another fifty thousand years, and the number would be around two hundred thousand years old on this planet and your book and the way that and Danielle's book the way that your evidence has been collected. Is that date is actually pushed back another six hundred thousand years, and it's tipping things over correct? Yes. That's right. It was fair to say as well. You know, I'm I'm kinda changing what was once considered homo sapiens? Because I mean, again, there's reasons why you say that, you know, the for a long time. I would have said now that we arise about two hundred thousand years even the mainstream is starting to change date that having to ship back as well. They've realized that that they've had it wrong. They haven't we done to stood you know, made us the way we are. And and the different human ancestors that looked different how they feel because they mixed, you know, so you might get some David quite like us, and they all they went home. But then in that group makes this too. And he would've mixing as well, which is made us how so they also pushing back the the dates on the species. Now. Yeah. Which is the point that we just have peered here. Whether it's two hundred thousand years ago or eight hundred thousand years ago, there isn't evolutionary steps that Darwin has suggested that would have taken tens of millions of years in front of homo sapiens. Sapien that we just appeared. And there are reasons for that. We've got about ten seconds can. Is it alien is are those the reasons for my position. Yes, it's an AT engineering event..

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