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It's like now it's like you're never at peace with anybody. You love dine. But it's like i feel like i could handle it as my parents are in their sixties. But it's like just a little girl. She's one years old like is is you're worrying keeping her safe no so just love her gently some but life too. I'm not a. I'm not a wise man but i have ideas about things not stuff. I no sun no stuff and every now and then things just seemed like they click. Now you know everybody makes a mistake. Everybody makes a mistake of trying to figure out what the purpose of life is. Unless there is a guy that you meet that person one day That thing or whatever it ain't nobody can figure out the meaning of life so you just have to think about was going on in the world today and what kind of person you want to be before you leave this planet. I think that one of the that people should think about and stop worrying about will enjoy life so much better first of all you stop worrying about what's the meaning of life. Yeah you know how about this. How about simplifying in. No one is perfect. I'm not by any means. I'm not thinking. I'm better than anyone. But i'm trying to think this way. And i slip up sometimes. But i'm trying to think you know instead of worrying about any kind of meanings our competitiveness in life. How about trying to lead the world a better place in what you left it. How about trying to make other people. Happy people are so selfish with their lives. They think it's all about mean gonna take everything. Take shit with you when you're dead. You ain't gonna take a goddamn thing. Well even the people who are like. Well i wanna leave. This is my legacy now. You won't be here for it. So was it even matters locking understand legs passionate down to children if you pass it down because i think legacy is important because a legacies it there are people who say for example black people black people still trying to come up. You know beat. It'd be nice. If i don't know if i had the ideal if i had the ideal position to leave this planet would be that i've made i make people happier if i could made poor people just a little bit richer. I the malaysia up. I gave people who have as much life in life. Maybe i left something for them that they can build up on lead that but people behind them leave the world a better place. You can't take it with you but what you can do is leave behind the join a lot of and the ability to make the world better. Hopefully you know. That's that's that to me is. What makes sense yeah. I think it's all about being present in this moment because like the passes is real. The future is not real. It's all about this moment and are really important. Tool that i've been trying to exercise is listening to my thoughts and just listening to your thoughts alone is super hard and i challenge people to do that and also like trying to manipulate them. Once you understand that you can listen to them and you're paying attention to the the memory and the imagination that you have which are two incredible tools and you're constantly thinking about memory or imagination. You can manipulate it and replace every negative thought with a positive thoughts and that can be very powerful with what you attract and what you don't attract and so that's really what i've been. Only as far as a cosmic daniel thing is like focusing on listening to my thoughts and trying to replace negative ones with positive ones and being present in the moment instead of anxious or depressed. Something as much. Make fun of you. Nothing you go to fucking wild sometimes but one of the things i like about you is that you do try to live your life because life is life is very short and we can find a balancing giving to others while also trying to take care of ourselves and have you know make a realized that the important thing is life is to the important thing in life is to enjoy it but not on a selfish level nine. Enjoy to what you wanna rub in on other people take away from other people. Try to have balance where you enjoy your life and you've always enjoyed your life but be smart and also be responsible and try to help other people to while you're here is just starting to realize eh and another thing i've been learning. Is that like you're not separate from anything or anybody. Like i sound stupid. But it's true like we really are like all one like no one separate from it's a reflection and so you have to treat people like that like you would love yourself and love people too so yeah no. That is true all right. Then look at that. Cosmic danielle little depressing new with the daniel man. What happened what happened to the. I just never loved anybody so much like my my nieces and nephews like i don't have kids and of course i left my sisters and my parents but it's like i just love it mcdaniels supposed to lift spirits. I know but there's also a flips that like nothing can exist lots opposites like you have this these joyous moments and then there's also this like internal monologue in my head. I'm constantly worried. What we're both doing this on god and nobody can. No no one can resist this. I'm going to give you a pixie hug. No one can look at look at pixie. Rain makes no one can resist this now by. They said to give you a hug to. I'm thankful for this moment. Alpay it's worth it my life and she lays right back down like my job here is done.

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