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That's the reason i throw a no hitter against the giants is a kevin hart was here and he was telling me i couldn't do it i'm really looking forward again we get the giants who the casey jacobson's coming on today at ten thirty casey played in the nba maybe we could ask him if any celebres ever gotten his face and rusi the voice of the sharks dan rostenkowski is coming on at eleven tony larussa you know is one of seven people still alive that was here when the as came in sixty eight you know and they were tony's talking about the the thing tonight where they let everybody in free what's what's your stat he's one of the seven thousands of lives since nineteen sixty eight or if i'm not mistaken i heard that no no that was on that team but he okay from from as team i know people in the world that were alive and i'm really just got my eyes wide open on that one tonight i hope two guys because anytime you you you say free it's i just can't wait to see how that turns out so if they get seventy thousand as game tonight free and parking is free could be a while yeah could be ugly won't be watching i'll be watching giants diamondbacks go johnny go yeah yeah cueto back he's back he's back hopefully the janssen bats will wake up a little bit and did you hear kype this morning at all now i'm telling you i'm urine the commute i'm not in the community down there on the ground yes go we're fighting it out yours you're still safely ensconced in your home at that at that hour i am probably about seven thirty i'm watching wake up with greeny and beetle and a little bit of stephen a smith screaming well keep this morning was just you know very strong and his comments on on one hundred pants you know the giants need hundred pensive by the way has kraus's look and ended up looking it up.

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