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Mid March and were closed due to construction spring will street north and south on I seventy five avoid that area they'll be through November of next year I'm very W. J. R. traffic and weather for temperatures remain well above average afternoon highs twenty to twenty five degrees above average here today and tomorrow fog this morning otherwise cloudy today fifty eight areas of fog light rain tonight forty eight sunshine mixing with clouds tomorrow low fifty from the weather channel on urologist Ken boon on the stock seven sixteen W. J. R. fifty four yesterday twenty degrees above normal same deal right through Monday thirty five at metro in here news talk seven sixty W. J. R. as usual warranted for Paul W. right through January first do one remember around the world there before Christmas we checked in with various countries and how they were preparing for the big day we're looking back through the course of this morning and right through January first at some of the big stories in twenty nineteen for we do that though listen to this and then decay if there at seven thirty with the news you need to know at metro the best deal in wireless is on switch to metro and give one full Amazon prime membership included every month plus get two free phones from top brands like Samsung LG with huge HD screens all with two lines for just ninety Bucks that's the best deal in wireless only at metro still technically should be records board of eligible number not currently active on T. mobile network correct on the truck past thirty days but for for account were helpful offer subject to change offer valid.

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