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Well there's two parts to that one is that's as far as we know and it could be that she's not reported. The other part of that is that by the time. Buck was in that relationship. he's aged. how exactly he's aging out of crime. Although domestic abusers don't necessarily age at our crime. Although i mean it possible making that this is the situation where an individual served time. And they've rehabilitated themselves. Sure that i'll know 'cause second marriage. He had another. He had domestic issues afterwards. He got out of prison though at thirty years old. Still a young guy. And i don't think eight years was nearly enough for all the where i was going next. Eight years is not enough. Was it an attempted murder charge or an assault charge. It's like amy literally reads my mind. Let me just say what What i was going to say next buck thurman was tried for first degree assault which involves intent to cause life threatening injuries or life threatening. Injuries are the result. Yeah i don't understand why. This charge was an attempted murder which could have resulted in possibly a life sentence in prison. He brought a knife and attacked her. Until i was he also went back a second time to stop on her neck this end. He was screaming at his son. I killed your mother so he thought he killed her and that was why wants to try. Or allie really went to trial and i agree assault which is drastically different. Why is this not attempted murder. I have no idea total failure on this one and is there not premeditation here. He brought a knife with him. I this is seems like there's no there's icy classic murder here. I not see degree assault here absolutely. I totally agree You know megan. I'm not the one who believes that everyone should die in prison or get these ridiculously long sentences but eight years for what. I consider very clearly and attempted murder. He this guy got out at thirty years old and had whole life to live one she is still dealing with the trump physically and emotionally of what happened or exactly and she was very scared but he got out yes. She was doing a lot of speaking events and she stopped doing them when he got out because she said i'm never contacted her or anything as far as from what i could ascertain. He has not contacted her but yet fourteen years was not an appropriate sentence. Release an eight totally not appropriate. This is a guy where. I can't tell you what the appropriate sentences but again i want him imprisoned till he's aged out of crime. I agree good. I'm glad we're on the same page. This is always my concern. And also i think someone like him needs to give back. He should be the one. Who's you know talking to people about what he did. And how regretful. And how anger made him a star. I feel like she shouldn't be the only one who's going around talking..

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