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Be on this show. He is getting an undue amount of heat, I feel like based on that based on that cowboys game, I'm glad he had an isolated game. They're the only game going on there. It was another chance for everyone to see him. I'm glad he had a performance like this because I thought he played really well in that Monday night or where they lost to Dallas. You have to consider the fact that he was just under siege all night and on top of that he is throwing to David sills and Kenny gallaudet and strolling shepherd who I think has the is a good player but might have the smallest catch radius in the history and the NFL. And he's basically a couple of inopportune drops and a phantom offensive pass interference call away from sort of winning that game, not quite single handedly, but pretty close to carrying the Giants to a victory. So to have this kind of performance was big, obviously this receiving core is Darius slayton and I don't know, the rest of these guys are, they're street free agents. It literally, in some cases, Marcus Johnson was there. Richie James is still getting a lot of snaps. David sills still getting a lot of stuff. David sills V there you go. Let me tell you something about David sills though. Because I've been to giants can I go to giants camp every year? Yep. And every time I go, he makes some incredibly theatrical, wild, perfect play. And you're just like, holy crap. Why isn't this guy play more? And this is now we're finding out. Not why. I mean, you know, he's made the catches that he's had to make. This year. I mean, he's been, he's been fine, but you know, I guess that's why all of us watching training camp at half speed are probably not equipped to properly judge roster strength. When he's toasting the various NAI cornerback camp that invite types. Two other quick things about David sills, one of them, I'm still shocked that he wears odo Beckham junior's number. I guess I guess I didn't expect the Giants to retire the number, but it's just super weird. Considering how many, you know, we both live in sort of the metropolitan New York area or extended area. I don't know, technically how far it goes. But I see a lot of Odell Beckham junior jerseys in my town. And it's weird that it's like, oh, you should just rip off that nameplate. Make it sills V yeah. The other thing, I don't know, I don't know if I'm about to give you the Ryan Fitzpatrick, went to Harvard type of factoid here, but do you remember David silvers was the 9 year old who got the offer from lane kiffin as a quarterback? Quote unquote offer. It was all just sort of a PR stunt for, I think it was David Clarkson's QB program. But yeah, he was that dude back then, so it's always kind of funny when he pops up because that was the thing. I think I wrote about it when I was at Sports Illustrated kids in like 2010 or whatever that was. Wow. I didn't know that. So yeah, I didn't know if that was out there. Some people might be rolling their eyes because it might be like a very well-known factoid and Connor was the last person who didn't know it. But there you go. There's some David sills facts. And the only thing I don't want to make this like a versus type of thing, but when you think about what's going on down in my aim over the first three weeks of the season where it's like two is playing at this offense now with Mike mcdaniel designing it, which is just spectacular. It's tyreek hill and jaylen waddle. It's just, it's impossible to defend. And you know, everyone's sort of rightfully saying they're like, oh yeah, two is starting to take off here. I mean, if they were reversed, if tua was trying to function in this offense and Daniel Jones was down in Miami with the two fastest men on the planet, running a Mike mcdaniel off. My point is, it makes a difference. Like you have to grade this on a curve to an extent, Daniel Jones is playing very well. That's the main takeaway. Daniel Jones is playing well and you're right. And I will be, I will be magnanimous where you are while you are being a little bit tepid. If Daniel Jones was in that offense, God Rohan's gonna come on and just punch me in the face. But you know what? It is what it is. Because left handed people don't know how to throw a football. I'm just kidding. But if Daniel Jones was in that dolphins offense right now, I think we would be talking about him on a tear below where we were talking about Joe burrow going into the playoffs last year. Like a tier a tier below. So a tear is a big thing. It's a long, it's a long way, but it's not, you know, it's as long as it needs to be for you to not come back, clip this audio and come back and bother me about it. Yes. How about that? Yes. Well, look, all these guys are obviously unique. Daniel Jones is unique in that he will make an occasional back breaking mistake. Losing fumbles in the pocket is like the worst thing you can do as a quarterback. It's much worse than an interception, which tends to be thrown, you know, downfield. When you lose it in the, you know, when you turn it over on a strip sack, which happens to him still too frequently, though not nearly as frequently as he used to. You lose the ball and you lose the field position at that point. But he also, on the positive side, he creates plays where there are none, which to me, every system in the NFL is really good. This giant system is really good, even if they don't have the weapons right now and they're a little bit limited. What you want in a quote unquote franchise quarterback is someone who can just lift that system up a little bit more. Just supplement it a little bit more. As well as obviously operate it. He is probably not as efficient operating it as you need to be, but he can create. He can lift it up. He can make you some plays where there are no plays, which, you know, boy, the giant obviously they're taking themselves out of contention for like a top 5 pick here. And I just, I think you have to make like a three year commitment to them. Not top of the market, but yeah, somewhere in the high 20s. I think is what he gets and what he deserves at this point. Yeah. And I will argue too that I think that there was a drive at the end of the third quarter in the beginning of the fourth quarter were actually sils V did catch a pass on that drive. But when they tied the game up at 20, where there was twice where rashawn Gary had him in the backfield, but he was behind him, right? And so those are plays last year and dating all the way back to Daniel Jones rookie year that are strip sack fumbles that are returned for touchdowns. No question about it. He gets banged in the arm. He loses the ball. And he sensed it and both times ran for at least 9 yards. And that speaks to what you're saying about creating a place, but I also think like some of the turnover stuff, I mean, it just takes time. And yes, I'm gonna sound like, God, who's the most milquetoast analyst that says the same things, like Meryl Hodge, you know? Is Meryl Hodge still around? I don't think so. I love marijuana though. You like Mari Hodge? I loved him as a player. He's fine as an analyst. Meryl Hodge march slayer, like all those guys that kind of say the same stuff. But

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