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Play through a current contract is the last year twenty eight team was the last year due to make about twenty million and so now you have to pay more than kirk cousins getting paid and so you know he's excited about it and i'm sure the only other person that excited about it is there and roger right because he's up next first and last michael junior here on espn radio and the espn app eight that kicker like this is supposed to be matt ryan day in the sun matt ryan who while the rest of us were sweep sweeping quietly has the most passing yards in his first ten seasons in the nfl of any quarterback in league history more than the aforementioned peyton manning the only two quarterbacks in league history to pass for forty thousand yards in their first ten seasons matt ryan thirty five game winning fourth quarter overtime drives entering since entering the nfl in two thousand and eight matt stafford is the only other quarterback with more than thirty in the past decade like this guy has stacked up a great career this this guy was an mvp this guy did take his team to a super bowl that they dramatically choked away but still is difficult to get them there and now he has his day in the sun now he becomes the highest paid player in the nfl by the current version of the contract and we know the details always get hashed out after we get the initial reporting here so this is subject change but as it stands right now average annual value going to be the first quarterback making thirty million dollars a year on average and yet the first thing all of us could think of was man aaron believe in rogers we're a matt ryan birthday party right now looking over at aaron rodgers nervously fumbling the ring around in his hand knowing that he's going to propose at his friend's birthday party and dunk all over this situation soon because we acknowledged that aaron rodgers is infinitely better than almost everyone in the league at the same position and that this all builds up to the next guy we.

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