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Stay there. The answer is minutes away. He is You watch your brie. Is the key. Listen. Shoot later away. See? Listen, Give me No, it isn't hubby me. And world You know what you love. Sail with me. When you know You have to go again. I see. Crystal vision. Keep my visions to myself. What Z B you're free. Grease you shit. She's no lady. On, won't you? When it rains. Oh, man, you win there. Hey! Women. They will come and they go. Well, shit. Yeah. Stay women, they come and think. Yeah, you will know. The variety station 97.1 wash up because you know I'm all about that bass bout that bass No treble. I'm all about that bass, but database No trouble her Mahlum Bada bing. Bada Bing. No trouble. Hamal A Bada bing bada. Thanks,.

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