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The gears of Mauricio with Brian says when a DD green on talk radio five sixty KSFO unabashedly this is something we talked about in our six o'clock hour and I'm going to re play the caller from the six o'clock hour because I know most of you work with us that I hope you've got eight minutes to listen to this car because this guy's fascinating I love open line Friday should never know where we're going to go so this starts an interesting story about the lawn musk you are a must because one of these guys he's he's inventor for those of you who have ever met a legitimate adventure they all have one thing in common they can't turn their brain off they look at the world with such curiosity and their curiosity usually involves could I make this better that that they look at an object a device they look at the situation they look at a business they're thinking could I make this better I was with an adventure yesterday who's put together some incredible products American image with the products are but he's a kids for a listener and if his biggest concern right now I said what do you what do you thinking about these days because he's always thinking well he's concerned about the national debt he's concerned about social security he's concerned about the economic disaster that faces us unless we turn things around so he can't stop his brain from working it must just like this too I don't know how much he thinks about the economy but I know he thinks about is his the products that he's developing on a regular basis like for example Tesla or the big tunneling company for his SpaceX guys just got rain that won't stop it is interesting because when you look at his choice of of lady friends he's got a girlfriend who who appears to be along the same lines she is a Canadian singer she's known as Grimes Claire booth shar is your name but crime just thirty one and she has some interesting habits she's a another one of these very interesting eclectic way out there thinking people to the point where some of what she does just plain weird for example she spends as a part of our overall work out health regimen she spends twenty five minutes a day screaming in a sauna he spends a one to two hours a day sword fighting she also does forty five minutes.

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