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Audi right now trending on news ninety three point one K. of BK for the second time in a week China has changed its criteria for confirming cases of the corona virus making it increasingly difficult for public health experts to track the outbreak the government said that he says would only be considered confirms after genetic testing so speaking of the corona virus it turns out it's actually having not just a financial impact in China but in a rather surprising region in higher education in the United States including locally we are joined now by Kibaki's Amanda Carroll who's been doing some digging on this and Amanda good morning thanks for joining us and telling how is this impacting university students I mean what what's the story here all right now universities are making decisions on enrollment for fall of twenty twenty and unfortunately students from China are being left out Dr Paul Hoffman the associate vice president for international programs and global engagement for Sacramento state says it's really out of their control student that is it made it from trying it doesn't have the ability to go to the US consulate or embassy to apply for now we hope that that changes right now all of these services have been temporarily suspended with without it resumption day in place Hoffman says this could linger into next year possibly and if it say could even spread to other regions of the world depending on how the virus spreads I mean I saw a number that said thirty percent of the international students across the country are from China so the number of a locally what kind of impact could this make often explains there are fifty students from China at sac state and there's a much larger population though at UC Davis and obviously bigger nationally nationally about thirty percent of all international students come so yes certainly from a national perspective from a state perspective this is going to have a huge impact your for Sacramento state China is our third largest population so Amanda let's talk a little bit about the students that are already here is there is there any kind of impact for them yes there is they are able to stay on many international students already planned to take summer classes at this time the university is telling students from China to stay put not to return home because if they go home it may not be able to get back in if they have to renew their visas they're just out of luck all right I'm very sad for for the students who want to come here from China does that have any impact on students locally like will they allow more California students into those seeds that's a good question I asked that question he wasn't sure exactly but it when you think about it it makes sense that there are more opportunities or maybe from different countries if through the international program they can't go to recruit to China anymore I didn't realize we did that so there's no more recruiting in China so that means they could probably recruit from other countries more okay thank you very much man got you brought this up yesterday on the show the self quarantine it's going on across the country a Honda or being told when you come back from China we're a little concerned need to stay at home you can't go anywhere five thousand people over five thousand people in California are being asked to quarantine in their home right it's voluntarily in the United States so now let's fast forward to next fall into this corona virus thing lingers minutes could have a dramatic impact on on the on local schools as Amanda just indicated not just from the standpoint of those students coming here but then how many are going to be seen quarantine here they need to get a handle on it and then it gets just word this morning that one of the couples that was on board that cruise ship off the coast of Japan right has died of coronavirus okay now just make it I want to make it clear not the couple we talked to yesterday granted right 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