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Of Lyle Lovett I have a Mili givens and dusty and Frank as well obviously fifty years by the way fifty years that three piece band little band from Texas has played together incredible hello Billy givens Nolan Ryan when you think about the kinds of people George foreman who are what you think of when you think you used does any city have a greater group of national treasures then these sorts of people I'm a I'm just thinking of other names to add to that list pretty powerful by the way I will love I will be spending the afternoon today preparing to things for your use and enjoyment no one will be my endorsements for the run off which voting continues this week through I believe the tenth so week from tomorrow in the Houston city elections I will have those tomorrow and remote is back this evening and he will have those put if I finish this afternoon then they'll be up tonight otherwise I will commit to you tomorrow the second is and by the way I understand our our websites not the easiest to use sometimes folks get aggravated you just have to be a little patient I'm sorry if you go to Michael berry show dot com one of the options is to send me an email one of the options is to San Ramon an email in one of the options is to go through to the blog usually this sort of thing is housed I'm on the blog but you get through the website to get there it's also where you go to hear our podcast I will have those up the second thing I'm gonna do is post recommendations for show sponsors and I want you to know I cannot say this enough I don't know anybody in America and yes I'm bragging I don't know any show in America that has been more transparent an open in saying what we do like everybody else is a business and for our business to survive and thrive your support of our sponsors makes a huge difference and that is why I don't speak for a company unless I've met the owners I understand their business model I'm happy with the way they do business as not to say that every sponsor is perfect every time but if a complaint comes in the owner of the business every single time hears about it and they know if there's a complaint I expect you to at least do your best to figure out who was at fault and it's not always the case that the business was a fault sometimes the consumer has on reasonable expectations that happens but by and large were able to solve if there is a problem which is like our own little better business bureau of Michael berry show listeners and show sponsors I will have that prepared hopefully by first thing tomorrow and I will post it and if you're interested in that and you say well if I'm gonna I'm gonna do things anyway I want to support your show that means the world to me on a personal level and also on a financial level I heart radio doesn't put me I heart media doesn't put us on the air because of some amazing sense that the world will.

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