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I felt like the gals cases. Much nicer than the seahawks. Somebody needs to do something about that. Idea to launch amazing boys wear. That's not just sort of gray or blue black i. i'm sorry. Go back to names not close so in terms of finding who's the style of caspian the he's just ten six this month and and so yes. Well i came across it in the that you know the noneya trilogy. There is a prince caspian And i saw it. And i really liked it and i'll same starts with a c. As well so there was some alliteration there. And i like that it matched but i had no idea how my partner would react so when i sort of because we talked about few names every name brought up. You're going to be done i can. And then he pulls name up note not new thinking. Oh we ever agree on anything nine months. Hey guys ready nine and it's also like if you really set your heart on one and then you present it to your partner and they just go nuts but i thought about this picture pictured what he would look like and they take it away from you very quickly can be hard so and i think it can be really wonderful thing to decide on a name but it can also create a few issues so yeah absolutely so anyway so i said to him you know. How do you feel about this intensive. He just went. Oh i love it now. An okay and he was like well actually. He used to work in france for awhile and part of his job was to travel in the middle east and in his job he'd had quite a few experiences being in and around the caspian sea. Because obviously there's also the caspian sea and he said. Oh i have these gray memories and sitting on a beach. Caspian sea eating caviar drinking vodka. So i think it's a hint. Okay is a rehab. I absolutely love that. You've come with his name out of this kind of this children's book if you like magical book and you kind of almost expected your husband's like nausea. He's come out with these amazing memories..

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