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Like an insurance policy and the unlikely event yet die before your forty unbelievable anyway here to help us sort through all of this and how to get answers release the memo hashtag released the memo hashtag find the tax any way is matt gates congressman from florida lee seldom new york and french hill of arizona uh old join us here thank you all for being with us and sean are lay matt gates let's start with you you actually took the time you went over to see that memo now we discover this new text message which shows that the fix was in yet again it's not the first time i mean now it's just more blatant than ever and then we have the crucial missing fivemonth period here where we that's when the steel dossier came into play that's when the flint interview came into play that's when colmey was fired and all of a sudden the day after muller's appointed it started showing up again you're absolutely right sean and here's the amazing coincidence that the american people would have to believe a third except the fbi story you have to believe that it was just a coincidence but only two or three days after president obama ordered the intelligence community were investigating russian influence in the us election but all of a sudden peter struck and lisa page had there uh text messages go dark and become unavailable and then you have to believe that that six month period of darkness leads us right up until the day that robert mollah it was hired to their text messages when calling me was fired we can't see him they're text messages when the president was making the claims about being wiretapped by the government and comey testifying bought before congress but there was no such wiretapping we only get to see their messages then so i just think that that would be declared incidents of all coincidences i don't buy that at all some technology experts i've spoken with him said absolutely you can retrieve these tax less i know this does all where where our where are those phones number one who is in possession of them number two and have they forensically been tested number three biggest forensically they should be able to bring them back up it took two years.

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