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The canyon and look Lopez canyon some charter school teachers in LA say they have their own reasons for going on strike their complaint is about job security. Teachers say lots of their colleagues are let go or take a different job at the end of the school year around March students will begin asking their teachers if they're coming back the following year. We can see the terror etched across their basis as he waits to hear that their favorite teacher is leaving. The accelerated school is the first charter in California to go on strike teachers at this school joined the picket lines yesterday in support of other teachers in the LA school district. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news. Anaheim police say parents should warn their kids about a man who's been groping female students as they walked to school cop saying the last week a man's grabbed several students in a sexual manner near savannah high school. Anaheim police sergeant Jeff Mundy says kids need to be more aware a lot of kids like to put your phones then as they're walking to school. And then maybe they're less aware of people coming up behind him. This woman walking her dog says she worries for the kids you see people around here. But I mean, you don't really see them as a threat. Really? But this is my first time hearing about that. So it doesn't make me feel comfortable at all say there have been several incidents reported in the last week at savanna high school in Anaheim corporate Carson KFI news lawyers say the antelope valley school district went against their own policy to hire a coach who ended up sexually abusing a student leader. Morgan Stuart says the man failed a background check. When he applied to be the Palmdale, high school's girls basketball coach, and then they give him the keys to the gymnasium. They let him around female students. They violated their own board policy. They violated their own background. Check the rejected him and yet still hired him. The former coach is now serving five years in prison for sexually abusing the fourteen year old the antelope valley school district says it can't comment on pending litigation federal workers say bills are piling up and they've been piling up long enough, which means the government shutdown needs to end to disgusting. It's his absolutely wrong to make people come in and work and do their job every day. Not knowing if they're ever going to get a paycheck James Murdoch with the American federation of government employees visited Sacramento today for a protest at the airport. The government is now planning to call tens of thousands of workers offer low to work without pay. Instead. The son of Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman has started working on a sequel. Jason Reitman says the new movie will continue the original story from the eighties. Production is said to begin in the summer, a female lead reboot of the franchise back in two thousand sixteen was considered a flop you can get your schlemiel or your Shlomo ZOA in honor of penny. Marshall. How about twelve the late actor director producer will be remembered with a twelve hour marathon of Laverne, and Shirley, the free screening will take place January twenty seventh at the Gary Marshall theater in Burbank. Marshall was behind the scenes for movies like big and a league of their own. But she's probably best known for playing Laverne defazio in the late nineteen seventies early eighties TV show. Her brother Gary founded, the falcon theatre which was renamed for him when he passed away in two thousand seventeen Cindy Williams who played Shirley is set to make an appearance at the event. Michael.

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