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The last time large parts of the border were closed down was during the Reagan administration nineteen eighty five. So it's been a very long time since this has happened in when it happened back in eighty five is because a an officer law enforcement officer was kidnapped and taken to the Mexican side of the border. That's how big a deal. This is the president will visit the border on Friday. The White House says we'll check newly completed section of the border wall near collect Seco California about one hundred miles east of San Diego. Michael avenue ATI appeared in court on Monday in California. He's accused of filing false tax. Returns and affronting a client. And he says he expects to be cleared of all the charges in California. Von he's accused of those tax returns in the. And the time in connection with this case and the case in New York relying on that same Justice system that I have now subjected myself to in other news, a medical examiner's report is out in the death of a college senior. Samantha Joseph sit in the twenty one year old got into the wrong. Car will waiting for an Uber ride in the driver of that car. Twenty five year old Nathaniel rolling is now charged with kidnapping and murder. An autopsy reports Josephine died from multiple sharp force injuries. Uber offering their condolences and calling this unspeakable crime some important safety. Tips from Uber. They want all their passengers double check and see that the license plate the make and model all match having your ridesharing up. You can also ask the driver who they're there to pick up reporter Victor oquendo. We see this right here in the Orlando area. Now, the government's open to new investigations into fires involving Honda and Kia vehicles that after receiving complaints of more than thirty one hundred fires and over one hundred injuries the National Highway Traffic safety. Th-they administration says it's granted a petition seeking the investigations from the center for auto safety, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group after it received complaints of more than thirty one hundred fires over one hundred injuries. Vehicles include the Hyundai sonata and Santa Fe and the Kia. Optima Sorrento, and soul. Issues have resulted in more than six million recall since two thousand fifteen. Daria Albinger, ABC news.

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