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You have to run back out. Stay back. Outstanding for quite have the echo now too. We're gonna hear more live music from Rosie in the rivets coming up after the break in just a few minutes. I wanna tell you about some great events coming. But don't forget, you can see them this Friday at club Arcata Speakeasy and restaurant located on the top floor of the caliph theater in Saint Charles, and that's at nine pm and then on Saturday March twenty third at the Drake hotel with the retro dance party in the palm court. That's all ages. There's no cover at nine pm at the trick hotel on Thursday, March twenty eighth at two ten live Highwood at seven PM, and we'll catch up more with the band with Rosie and the rivets just a little bit. John Bolger is in studio comedian, John Boulter. Hey, and my resident White Sox fan that's going to help me with the conversion therapy. It's going to get worse than that. Worse than that. Why is it worse than spring training bit spring springs? Eternal. But we have a great event in an important event. Coming up on Saturday tells a little bit about this comedy and music for strong strong at the Aurora tap house. Go on Facebook, the Facebook dot com and go to look up. Roar tap house in it's this Saturday, and we're gonna have five comics, Pat, he's going to be one of them. And I'm so excited that you're going to do. Absolutely. And this is for the after the war shooting. This is for law enforcement. So this is for the police there to help their families. So all the proceeds are going to be given straight to them at the end. We're just gonna have a nice little check. And we're going to hand it over to them. And Dan Arlene is doing a fantastic job. That's his bar Aurora. Tap house. He he's he's dedicated AS Roma's citizen. He cares deeply about it. And I'm honored to be a part of it. It's going to be a blast. And it's such a it's one of those things where you know, it's hard after a tragedy like that to to even have the right word to say that you know, we we're honored to be a part of this. And in the community of Aurora has really come together in so many different ways. And we're honored to be a part of that. Again, that is on Saturday night is could be going all day starting at two o'clock. There's going to be two bands two or three bands. That are going to be performing before us. And then we go up right around seven forty five eight o'clock. Whenever they wrap up. And then we're going to be probably performing till about ten little after ten and then it's karaoke. So, you know, or as they call it in what is it in Chinese doesn't mean my ears bleed. I I'm not sure, but I will be doing the karaoke. Do you do you ever go to karaoke song? I hear you. What's your go to? I'm you know, what it used to be in excess never tears apart in now. I'm going with Queen radio Ganga. Oh, really, really? I didn't know about my appalling lack of musical knowledge. I assume. Well, no well. Well. Yup. It's not in the rivers were already autumn's. We'll see. Rosie in the rivets is they're fantastic. That was one of the best. Jailhouse rocks. Have heard the blues brothers. But so so to catch you at John this is something that I've been sort of in some ways sharing once in a while with the audience that I just don't retain much knowledge when it comes to music. So I didn't know that radio Gaga one when the movie bohemian rhapsody came out like every time they would perform some Alec. Oh, that was their son. Through the whole movie. And I but one of them was radio Gaga one. I was like familiar to me and the other was like that's one of their songs. They too wide range too. Massive they were the rock operas. They did rock Billy Billy covered. So many genres they blew people away because you you wouldn't expect what the next thing. They did you be like, oh, they did that. Yes. Sonya? Are we says she's like, oh, I didn't know Steve Miller sang that song. We went to T Miller conscious. He's like she's like, oh, they sang that abracadabra. It's like finding new magic. When you hear something going Ovadia did that right? And I learned a lot about see now is a song is in a movie, then I'm more likely to retain the information like riders on the storm. You have context. Yes. But I can't do. The music video Jim Morrison, and I and I know that because Val Kilmer played him. But. It's just a it's a it's a stupid lack of knowledge that stupid. But I have no I don't I'm not embarrassed by like, your empty were MTV. So we await the visual with the audio does that, but it doesn't count though. So because I I also don't know anything for movie from music videos. You would think. Yeah. I don't I can't do that either. You're killing me nation a little bit like Janet Jackson, right because of the video, but I didn't watch very much MTV believe it or not. We didn't have cable when I was growing up. And then now, did you have deadpool that I've Ted pool cables a character from deadpool cable member like when we were kids like the cool kids are the ones like there was a boy wouldn't date me because we didn't have cable television. Like if he was like. Serious. Story got cable. I think it was also that I didn't put out. There were two things that were. So if you work at least have cable, I think I think there are three things that Jason was looking for. I think it was it was beer sex or cable, and I was zilch from me. Showed them the door the door. No. I just row. I ended up dating him after college anyway on and off for seven years. Jason Jason this is why was on and off exactly served better. I well. Jason's on a bad guy. Just weren't right for each. Other relationships. Can't be a light switch. He's happily married and his wife and mother fans on my show. So anyway, hey, we love, you know, Jason look there was I did a show one time at the Portage park theatre. I was doing comedy show. And I was talking about losing my virginity and somebody, and I I don't know how I don't change. I use like his full name and someone yelled at. Awkward moment. Wayne. That's the thing row. What you'll learn about me? I don't feel awkward. I was like you can't change the names to protect the innocent. Because you were part of it. So awkward for you. Can you imagine being him next day one of his tennis club? Hey, I heard a story about the other night because the story that I tell is mostly about how it really awkward. I was because I didn't know what to do. And and and he was like, you know, you got to move a little because apparently, apparently my go-to move was like starfish. So this is like later spread out. If you're watching feed, right? That was the debt that I was talking. I was like, yeah. I was just was. Oh my God. This is good stuff. Girls like. I have no shame I want. My rent's going down. I got stories. Okay. We have to go. 'cause we we let's go to let's go to a break. We're gonna come back with some more music from Rosie in the riverton, maybe some more more stories about Jason. We don't know. But because the first time I kissed him he pulled back in high school, and he goes, what'd you have for lunch? And I was like, yeah. And now, here's the Easter go sloppy Joes more to this at seven twenty WGN. You can kind of see why that would be a problem. Oh,.

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