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Colt McCoy over a hobble Daniel gun along with Nick Charming, Karim Hunt, We might have end up sleeping on have your chance to beat the Browns with Colt McCoy. I'll call McCoy will get a second thought in three weeks in place of Daniel Jones, who's nursing the hamstring and ankle injuries. McCoy led the Giants of the upset two weeks go over the Seahawks, starting in place of Jones. Now he gets chance against his former team, with Freddie Kitchens, their former coach of the Browns, calling plays in place of Jason Garrett. All four NFC East. Teams now have backup quarterback starting including Washington, with Dwayne Haskins getting the nod against as Seattle. Meantime, the Saints will have Drew Brees under center against the Chiefs today after missing four games with Broken ribs and a punctured lung Jeremy Fowler on SportsCenter. Casey was ready for the long time Signal caller did not fall for this misdirection play. They knew all along that they were going to prepare for two quarterbacks Drew Brees and Taysom Hill. But they did so knowing that Hill has his syriza of packages every game. He's gonna play regardless of whether Drew starts or not. He's gonna get his running plays. And so they prepared largely for Bree's. The only guy they didn't prepare for is Jamie's Winston, who hasn't played in a while and I'm told the chief Plan is pretty simple, with breeze coming off that rib injury. They know they need to hit him and they need to hit him quickly because he's getting that ball out of the pocket in a hurry. I say he's placing wide out Michael Thomas on injured reserve. They're hopeful to have him back before the postseason. Ravens quarterback Marcus Peters find 12,500 for the spitting incident involving Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry..

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