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Half my nurses we all wiped out the all get vaccinated together in law has similar symptoms in in yet. Thank you also to point. Earlier's about being really healthy. And i think all of all of us. We've been working nonstop for a year. Now found any vacation and mike working twelve hours. A day i think our immune systems were just not ready and we really need to take time to be able to rest very good. I've also heard that people are just to get into vaccine if you can Thursday friday just so you can take the weekend off to to kind of chart So chris casey Had his second shot about ten hours ago. Kris thumbs up there so Just tell us how you feel any kind of stuff Stacey jones said Vaccine has been out less than a year. Do you have any concerns and long term side effects of the vaccine as well not just time. I'm definitely definitely a monitoring. I think my if i do have a concern the concern is do i need a booster because of these new variants And so. I think that's sort of where i'm sort of watching it The the vaccines In monitoring the ingredients in the process of the development We certainly Will not be promoting one of things that we need consciously in the beginning of this pandemic is making sure that we look at all of the scientific data to making sure that we dissect it so myself. My medical director Clinical director my epidemiologists. I mean we are continuously working really hard on really assessing. Both vaccines was the latest news. Coming out and if i find something old trust me i will inform the community Whether is in favor or not in favor because at the end of the day the has a right to know very good. I uses asking. How long do you think we'll be going through this there. Light at the end of the tunnel. Right i'm here in moore wearing masks to at least next year twenty two which. What's the prognosis for this whole thing. So asia today. I found out door. Cdc coie that we have to start double masking as of wednesday. So what does that tell us that. Unfortunately we are in interesting times You know the vaccine rollout certainly was giving me some vaccine hope but we do now have three variants that have entered our country and we need a more than ever armed for the federal government to put investment into public health so that we can figure out how to fight bmi and get to a point where we can get a pure We know that the vaccine is not a cure but if we can get to building herd immunity regardless of the iranians Then we can start seeing a light on the end of the tunnel. I have a glimpse of hope Bud on but there are certain on certain cities that are still out there so please wear your mask unfortunately f- ouchi already verbally announced it But it's going to be officially announce on wednesday. That's in writing that They're gonna be recommending individuals where to asked. I can't even breathe a one mask on. I'll be packed and people are gonna be passing out. Forget about that. The virus passed out because their lack of oxygen. That's man while just we're in two miles joe. These particles with a new variants are no choke. Wow wow that's crazy Chris is he's experiencing our local. I love minor pain. Redness swelling etc was from ten hours ago ten hours ago. So the chris did you take any tylenol or ibuprofen. Acis got mad emojis going near. She's a little upset about that. I i didn't hear. I know 'cause listen. She was listening. We travel together. She's album madame. Both of you guys quite honestly So what what do you think that. The prognosis is for Fit question in the middle of the question. i'm thinking about you guys traveling all the time. chris says he took a to ibuprofen to gotten vines. So what what's what's your thoughts Concerning if they become mandatory As far as a public health workers having get police officers firefighters nurses anyone who works in the public health sector those working elderly homes or even traveling. We talked about a little bit. You cannot get an airplane unless you show proof of vaccination. What's your thoughts about that. So i think i think the key frontline workers that were negatively impacted throughout this pandemic. I certainly feel like our frontline. Workers like healthcare workers those that have the highest risk. Just like they get routine. Vaccinations to protect themselves from other diseases. antique routine tuberculosis. Testing etc I definitely in. I am in favor of that Cert- you know. It's highly encouraged now at the young woman hospital it is going to be up to legislation I think for those that are traveling in. You're traveling all over the world at it is risky on. And if ed vaccines unique to outweigh the risk versus the The the benefits of the vaccine so I would. I'm backseat. Is so obviously pro vaccine. But i i will definitely. If it's if it's out enough should it be should be mandated. It should be highly recommended for travelers but I think for other for other sectors. It should be Mandated just so that they could protect themselves or ins or the patient that the that the navy serving that is a minimize Immuno compromised like if they're dealing with cancer on or you're dealing with elderly patients who have a hard sees great You want to be able to protect the patients mbaye you. They you serve in saw So that's how. I feel about teachers as a cargo refusing to go back to classrooms because of this whole situation right because they were teachers teachers chicago. Yeah yeah they were. They were concerned about a about Getting back into the classroom physically Because of this this whole situation you know so. I know this is a really really really really really big problem. That people are are kind of dealing with Says i think the fda should place other viable workable resources in the black and brown communities that promotes self care or even family care So what would what would that. Look like other viable. i mean. listen she she's mercy already talked about Maintaining healthiness. I've done shows and please go back to my previous shows about eating right diet and exercise and all that kind of thing and just to maintain so we don't have these pre existing conditions. I think that that's really really. You know i it just kind of a just a just a given okay. Black and brown people have all these existing conditions. Well let's get rid of these preexisting conditions to heart disease diabetes and all that. Let's get rid of that. Well we have to get a lot of things right the systems at the end. The environment that we're in are making us sick. So it's gonna take time right it's gonna take time for us to dismantle all of these different. Things that have caused us to be at a disadvantage. You know. living in dense communities is a contributing factor. I think it needs to be done simultaneously because right now we haven't seen a level of this pandemic in one hundred years before the spanish flu right and so we have. We have a pandemic does moving faster than what we can even control and i think simultaneously. We need to start infiltrating some healthy habits. How do we start breaking down these systems how would we make our neighborhoods safer. Huddle be insured jobs. I mean they are so many social determinant factors. The violence in.

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