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So let me ask you this then. You've had the chance to deal with some, I mean, legendary parents, right? Andy Roddick, Sharapova's people, we talk about capriati's parents. Tell me how you deal with that, right? Because, you know, from my vantage point, it takes a strong force to create a world class tennis player, even before they find you or find Nick or find me. The parent has to do so much work and has to be the battery in the back to push them because if you give kids options too many options as a kid, they'll choose to do nothing, right? So it does take a strong parent. So how did you deal with the differences in some of these parents? Because you've had some reference. Yeah. No, I'm definitely the leader in the Clubhouse in that area. You know, I had the tennis fathers from outer space. So choosing daddy's little girl, you don't find it as much with the boys. I can just do a medley here. You know, roddy's parents weren't involved. You know, blanche and Jerry, they picked the balls up. They would say it's their thing. You carry your own water. You carry your own bag, but Andy was different because he had two older brothers that probably beat him up all the time. So he got some he got some good juice just from them. So the boy was a little different, but Sharapova's dad locked in. Capriati's dad locked in. Pierce's dad locked in. Richard, okay, Richard locked in. And they got a push, okay? They have to push because, but they got to have the artist psychology. And that's why Richard, not just because of what Venus and Serena became. Because it's easy after the fact, oh, I knew that was going to happen. He was like that then. He was like that as they started getting better. He was like that one, they started winning tournaments. And he's like that today. He talks to him, the same, exact way, treat some say, but he got it. And we were cut from the same cloth. That's why me and the Williams family just click. So the question you asked was great is how I deal with the parents. You got to have the ability to listen, but you more importantly got the ability to keep your mouth shut. That's a big key because, you know, here I am, you know, right curriculum for the USPTO, you win awards and then you got some guide and it's not Richard. I'm just saying people kind of.

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