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A of brand in germany and austria nearly rather than megawatt of brandy in that part of the world for shire's american would discuss a lot of fun and then we might even get our friends the dress slurs frank williams i know you know them yeah that's that's speedo franks mosley's lessening hey speedo ulis uh mav uh december 31st do a live broadcast from your place let's see how that goes at because above about the all those show so you got a lot of we tried your moscow mules list a high man a mango is yeah phenomenon we were into moscow mules before we try that with your product and it literally spoiled us because we've gone to restaurant join us the straight moscow mules legal yeah this is not the same good and that's because vodka is kucan odorless catholic i know what people drink vodka i've had numerous clamped you my wife there but it doesn't he's like anything no it tastes like everything you put into it having a bureau like a mango ginger black couple of corn kooks cold wired and and and and and death schuessel rages make any cocteau you make even better his another right on the money his another thought for you we we make are our cocktail pbj and it is uh two pilots are battling no epa all that one part one part nut liquor which is a nut confused vodka and chew parts are are raspberry chambord shambaugh work and you do that and you get it the right the right way it tastes just like a peanut butter joey sandwich it is phenomenal i bet that were houston's will oversee cucumber can you hear girl enough of those in you decide you're going to town having a hard time finding that liquor anymore but you could do a nut blamed for you can make your own through we have a a neutral brandy it's the still from james berry vineyard down here granada and to retain although goal we howitzers house yours in style with with peanuts and just let him soak for a couple of days you i would you commit cooler than pain of like a book dashiell how would you like.

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