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Russian government towards this enormously important historic event on the one hand the president putin said that this was the biggest calamity that happens to russia on the other hand extremely lee significant part of putin's supporters are people who were brought up in the soviet union people who cherish their ideas and the practices that had existed before the collapse of the soviet union so it is a very complicated release on the one hand poignant sees himself as an ancestor of the huge russian empire and the same time he reinstated the soviet national anthem and therefore what is interesting black okay we are here in the british library which it come emirates the center of the russian revolution and then i talk about these events the my friends in the russia they just wall here we have nothing they say there's void the whole idea is being played down is being silenced and that's extremely interesting political phenomenon how thalji think the russian revolution what happened in nineteen seventeen has shaped the world we live in today it dictate the wealth it was a great experiment the experiment that didn't and happily but it also released a lot of questions questions of equality questions of the methods of fighting for rights and for better world which we haven't onset he had like a terrorism as a method of fighting all equal rights or refugee crisis we still do not the answer to this questions at the russian evolution is something to look at to learn from and to protect catch yet rogachev scab key rated the hype tragedy myths exhibition at the british library in london and the bbc's alexander com on the cultural legacy of the russian revolution now as we had writers in savior russia was seen as useful tools in the propaganda machine that supported the system and for those who complied they were awarded with better housing and high regard however since the breakup of the union the demands on writers his changed in the region this pakistan declared its independence in ninety ninety one but the soviet legacy continues that in many ways the late president.

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